May 5, 2014 ryanmm commented on Here's What Seattle's Alaska Airlines-Branded Shareable Bicycles Will Look Like.
$8/day is a hell of a lot better than the relatively few bike shops that rent bikes. They're usually at least $30.

Still think this will fail, due in part to the local helmet laws. Hopefully people will be scofflaws and we can get it repealed.
Apr 25, 2014 ryanmm commented on Jamie Kilstein Tomorrow at the Highline.
I listened to his podcast for awhile, then dropped it after he called people who eat meat murderers.
Apr 10, 2014 ryanmm commented on Restaurateurs Had a Minimum-Wage Lunch Chat at City Hall Yesterday, and the Crowd Raged.
" Scott France of Pagliacci Pizza said they'd potentially raise prices 10–15 percent, add delivery fees of a few dollars, and consider eliminating the tip line from their receipts so diners wouldn't feel obligated to pay extra on top of higher prices."

If they do this I'm never going there again. And I really like their pizza.
Apr 1, 2014 ryanmm commented on Forget The Last Nine Years: How the How I Met Your Mother Finale Pissed Off The World.
I gave up half way through the 2nd to last season.

Judging by the reaction today that was a wise choice.
Feb 18, 2014 ryanmm commented on Irrational Games, Makers of Bioshock, Shutting Down.
I really liked the first one, thought the second one was ok, and played the third one for maybe ten minutes. Very boring. That series needs to go away 5 or 10 years and then come back with something fresh.
Feb 10, 2014 ryanmm commented on The Morning News: Activists Target Microsoft Shuttle, Plus Other Stuff.
When you protest working to middle class people who take buses to work you have run out of useful things to do.
Dec 31, 2013 ryanmm commented on Elysium, Boers, and Western Democracies.
The far right saw socialism is this movie, the far left sees something about Boers, I saw Matt Damon in a standard sci fi flick.
Dec 27, 2013 ryanmm commented on Hey, Charles: Remember Back When Drunk Driving Deaths Were Deemed "Accidents"...?.
"There isn't the faintest shred of evidence to suggest that gun violence or accidents decrease where they're heavily (and illegally) regulated, as they are in Chicago or DC. So passing such laws is both illegal and as importantly ineffective."

There is extensive evidence that restrictions on guns reduce gun deaths, and the current and largely conservative supreme court has ruled repeatedly that many sorts of gun restrictions are legal. Of course, the very far right prefers to live in fantasy land and proclaim any law that goes against their belief system is illegal/unconstitutional.
Dec 2, 2013 ryanmm commented on "Because That's What This Is; This Is Internet Bullying".
also I know it's wrong but I laughed at "This is the weirdest lesbian porn I've ever seen".
Dec 2, 2013 ryanmm commented on "Because That's What This Is; This Is Internet Bullying".
lol at the way she worked in the sexist way would I ever, ever be able to put up with that sort of thing.