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Dec 18 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on Sony Now Says It Will Not Release The Interview in Any Form.
@11- As much as this movie looked like warm feces you just stepped in barefoot, I still don't feel like a winner.
Dec 17 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on When It Comes to Torture, Dick Cheney Speaks for Almost Half of All Americans.
@39- Name a study so I can look it up. You're being so vague it's almost like you don't actually have any backing. The Milgrim experiment volunteers didn't say they would torture someone, but then when a guy in a lab coat told them they needed to "for science" they did.

Propaganda worked to convince the Germans (what had been the best integrated nations in Europe) that they needed to exterminate the Jews.
Dec 16 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on When It Comes to Torture, Dick Cheney Speaks for Almost Half of All Americans.
@37- Sorry which studies? I've never heard of a study that showed moral reasoning was immune to propaganda. I do know that the Milgrim Experiment clearly demonstrated that people would commit acts of torture when the authorities said it was proper to do so.

As to you second point: There was a peep, much more than a peep in fact. Of course we had the excuse of it not being us that was doing it. It was (supposedly) either our guys or the communists, and given that the communists were usually authentically terrible... What could we do? (except stay out of it, which we weren't allowed to think of as an option because of flood of anti-communist propaganda.)

Propaganda works. I don't see how you can deny it.
Dec 16 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on Jeb Bush Is Running for President, and He's Got a Very Good Shot at Winning.
It's like the parties are trying to drive turnout down.

@31- You're asserting that increased spending and divisiveness drives up turnout when all the evidence of the last several decades indicates exactly the opposite.
Dec 16 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on Guest Editorial: Seattle, Pull the Plug on the Tunnel Unless You Can Answer These Seven Questions.
@10- You blame people who had an opinion on a relatively unrelated issue because other people had a negative opinion about them and so they did something stupid?


@22- Drunk of the Week and other such columns were going on well before Dominic left. I like Dominic's work, but let's not start imagining golden ages when there were none. Nor should there be one. The Stranger is a dirty rag and I love it.
Dec 16 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on When It Comes to Torture, Dick Cheney Speaks for Almost Half of All Americans.
@28- "...are you really comparing the desirability of consumer goods to the major ethical concerns of the use of torture?"

Why not? Do you really think people's moral reasoning is different from all their other kinds of reasoning?

"So tell me, do you really think Americans had a lot of qualms with torture before "24" and the Bush administration's euphemisms?"

They had more. I've only had 4 decades on this earth and I know they liked to show the cops slapping suspects around in the old cop shows. I know these ideas aren't new. But I also know things really have changed. The idea that our government would hold people in black sites and torture them endlessly would not have flown with half the public in 1980.
Dec 15 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on The Morning News: Bainbridge Kayaker Found Dead, Leavenworth Shoplifter Drowns, but the Seahawks Are Doing Well.
That wasn't a "responsible gun owner" demonstration. It was definitely a gun nut demonstration. They were convinced they were conducting civil disobedience by exchanging guns in a way that was totally legal. And then there were the people who were vowing to sell guns without making a background check, thus making themselves the people most likely to sell a gun to someone who has been banned from owning guns.

Nuttier than a fruitcake, the lot of 'em.
Dec 15 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on When It Comes to Torture, Dick Cheney Speaks for Almost Half of All Americans.
@4- FTW. TV shows torture working on everyone but the American Hero. The actual effectiveness, the actual application of it to the innocent by ourselves, the actual complete immorality of it in any case just doesn't matter. People see torture working on the glowing rectangle so often that they feel it must be real.
Dec 14 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on The Democratic Party Could Tear Itself Apart Over Income Inequality.
@29- It doesn't matter how the Libertarian paradise of Somalia was formed, the fact that it is there is what makes it the example that it is. Unlimited guns, zero taxation, zero regulation on business, etc.... Paradise for the go-getting Randian hero!
Dec 14 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on Undercover Cop Pulls Gun on Protesters in Oakland.
@29- The way entrapment is dealt with now your second account still isn't entrapment. Basically the cops need to threaten someone (the entrapee or a third party) with harm in order to compel one to commit a crime for an entrapment defense to work. And that threat better be documented.

For example: http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-ar… Being badgered into committing a crime (and committing it on school property to increase the penalty) is not entrapment.

Here's a lawyer/illustrators explanation: http://thecriminallawyer.tumblr.com/post…

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