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Feb 7 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on Senate Confirms Betsy DeVos, Biggest Threat to Public Schools Since the Flu that Went Around Last Month.
@6- "Stop getting mad"? Fuck no. Fuck you for suggesting it.

I've got plenty of mad to go around. I can be mad at the entire GOP and at half the Democratic Party at the same time. I'm a fucking bottomless well of rage and it I overfloweth.
Feb 4 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on RETRACTION: Milo Yiannopoulos Is Not a White Nationalist.
@1- Milo whined about UC Berkeley's president calling him a white nationalist. Evidently this whole planet is supposed to be his safe space.
Feb 2 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on List of Democrats with Spines.
@8- He holds himself to a higher standard, it's true.
Feb 1 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on Confidential to the Democrats.
@47- I don't think you're getting the metaphor. Hillary Clinton was a conciliatory machine politician who voted for the Iraq War and was exactly the kind of "finding common ground" triangulating moderate who made 50% of America not show up to vote. She wasn't fighting them "down there". She fought dirty against progressives, she acted "statesmenlike" with regard to the GOP. Their insane dislike of her had a lot to do with sexism and the fact it was so damn useful to stir up hatred of her back in the President Clinton days.
Feb 1 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on God Is Into Chastity Play.
Wow. OK so...Airplanes, Jesus, Porn, autoerotic asphyxiation...more Jesus...

Can someone just give me the money that was wasted on this bullshit, because I can do more good for the world by heating my home with burning cash.
Feb 1 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on Confidential to the Democrats.
Careful Dan, you're starting to sound like a Bernie Sanders voter.
Jan 31 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on Protest Photo of a Nude Pot Farmer on San Juan Island.
"nipple nipple" makes me laugh.
Jan 26 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on An SPD Report Says Two Seattle High School Protesters Assaulted Officers. This Video Challenges That Narrative..
@20- If a random pedestrian did that to me I would not feel "assaulted". I would be alarmed, but since I would have been moving at a fast walk, it would have been easy enough to stop without causing any injury to either of us. If I was a bicycle cop, wearing armor from head to toe (they use gloves with built in knuck dusters, btw), I would be even less worried.

This looks to me like another case of absurd violence meted out on anyone who dares to make a cop feel annoyed. The police looked to be attempting to encircle a peaceful protest. A crew of armored, black clad, heavily armed people encircling me would be very frightening, and I think rational people would act to prevent that.
Jan 24 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on The Morning News: Federal Way Lawmaker Calls Protesting Trump "unAmerican" and "unChristian".
Trump is not lying when he says he will take care of environment and workers, he just means it in the mafia sense of "take care of".
Jan 23 dwightmoodyforgetsthings commented on Update on Friday Night's Shooting at the UW Milo Yiannopoulos Demonstration.
@31- Milo chooses to affiliate himself with the neo-Nazis. It pays pretty well to be a beard.