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I enjoy elephant hunting while hopped-up on veggie burritos, jazz and MSNBC.

Jan 31 Jerry M. Ander commented on Christie Lied.
Well of course he did. In addition to being a blowhard and a bully, Christie is a micromanager of the worst kind.
Jan 30 Jerry M. Ander commented on The Nigeria Scam Goes Through the Looking Glass (and the Internet Disappears Up Its Own Asshole).
@10 Thanks a lot, pal. I just spent an hour laughing out loud at 2007 Achewood comics. No, I don't want that hour back.
Jan 30 Jerry M. Ander commented on Gracie Gets a Little Brother, MSNBC Yanks a Tweet, RWNJ Has a Ragegasm.
As a dad who is wrapped around his daughter's little finger, I LOVE the new Gracie ad. And kudos to Cheerios for bringing back the name Gracie.
Jan 23 Jerry M. Ander commented on SL Letter of the Day: Frozen.
@10 This SLLOTD comes with too much sex and violins.
Jan 6 Jerry M. Ander commented on Even Babies Want a Raise!.
@1 Right? First she takes ALL the cute. Then she demands livable wages? Greedy, greedy baby.
Dec 27, 2013 Jerry M. Ander commented on Law of the Jungle Today: "An Invading Male Will Kill Any Cubs He Finds".
It seems to me that only the dead cub totally loses. Any other losses are by degree.
Dec 22, 2013 Jerry M. Ander commented on Found Footage, Institutionalized Racism.
Thanks, Charles. So few know about this traumatic incident almost thirty years ago. You capture the inexorable process that always ends the same. That white men want black men dead should no longer be a surprise, and thus, will absolve almost any white of killing a black is as true in today's "post-racial" America as it was in yesterday's racial US.
Nov 30, 2013 Jerry M. Ander commented on SL Letters of the Day: Two For Black Friday.
Sounds like BF in #2 wants to be a pussy's pussy, but LW #2 is just a dick.
Nov 20, 2013 Jerry M. Ander commented on Restaurant Offers Discount If You Shut Your Goddamned Phone Off.
I think the keys to this story are Arab, Jerusalem & Israel. Loud, obnoxious phone calls may be a problem there. Perhaps in Seattle, Washington, and the other states united, not so much.
Nov 20, 2013 Jerry M. Ander commented on Loose Lips.
After explaining HOWDOISAYYAMINAFRICAN, will you please give me the phone # of 911? Mmmthanks.

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