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Oct 15, 2014 Bethany Jean Clement commented on Single Shot Is Open on Capitol Hill, and It Looks Great.
@1: Really? Granted, the details about staffing are insider baseball, but decor- and "concept"-wise, his place actually seems pretty restrained... which is a relief, as I said in the post. Click on that 8oz. Burger Bar link for something that really reads like satire.

@2: Joining Tommy Gun and Can[n]on and probably more I'm forgetting—apparently, it's a thing?

@3: I'm with you, but i'm also trying not to be glum about it and give some props to the new places that aren't just carbon copies of existing, slightly-less-new places... Also why I included a shout-out to the Summit, which is grubby and great. Let's hope some Capitol Hill nightlife conglomerate doesn't have to "rescue" it.