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Aug 28 Larry Mizell, Jr. commented on Radical Church for Ferguson at Northwest African American Museum.
Y'all kill me, literally.

That bullshit black on black violence neglect chestnut. Is, again bullshit. You really think black folks don't notice their children are dying, and aren't trying to stop it? Save your breath, yes, of course you do.

We need to start snitching huh? WHO THE FUCK DO YOU SNITCH TO WHEN THE POLICE KILL YOUR CHILD? Ferguson PD get caught in a lie every goddamn day lately. This same department had officers charge a black man for "destruction of government property" because he bled on their uniforms while they beat their ass. Officer Darren Wilson was a part of a PD in another MO town that had so much racial tension with the mostly-black populace that the city council voted to fucking disband it, fire everybody, and start again! That was three years ago! What the fuck does snitching have to do with this situation, you heartless inhuman fucking hyena?

(These fucks gave Wilson's GoFundMe, which was secretly started by Ferguson PD, 400K! Almost a half mill! Why? He hasn't lost any pay! Literally all that those racist fucks contributing and commenting on his page calling him a hero and a martyr knew about him was that he was a white cop who'd killed an unarmed black teen. The bounty for black life since the days of the colonial slave patrols that birthed modern police has certainly improved!)

The point isn't that it's a white man who killed a black teen; it's that it was a white police officer, a working-class servant of the state and the power structure—which is itself overwhelmingly disproportionately white, and overwhelmingly disproportionately hostile to blacks—killing a black teen. Forrrr jaywalking. The stories in the wingnut media that Brown attacked him are fake and discredited. The disgusting comments from Ben Stein's fuck ass that Brown wasn't unarmed because "he was armed with his incredibly strong, scary self" reflect white America's fear of living black bodies.

I read about Dillon Taylor, and heard Killer Mike shout him out on CNN too—i and honor him, along with all the other names I've heard, because he was a young unarmed American who lost his life at the hand of the police. You ask where the outrage is, I ask you the same.

Where's the white outrage, the crowds of angry folks taking to the streets, angry at the police for Dillon? Maybe that would seem like kind of an aberration, certainly not a frequent and fucking cliche occurrence, so they figure he definitely had it coming, wearing those headphones, likely listening to rap music! Maybe they know that the act of protesting the way things work threatens to disenfranchise them, to rob them of the benefit they get from this infernal, hateful machine. I don't see white crowds out and angry in the US when they perceive that their way of life is threatened.

That is, unless they're protesting on the other side, in Ferguson and everywhere else, for Mike Brown, for the rights of all human beings—because most Americans, regardless of color, are getting sick of this shit, and that really does scare a lot of people. And it should, cuz it's they ass!

Aug 18 Larry Mizell, Jr. commented on My Philosophy.
Shout out to Wise Wisdom tho

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