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Aug 27, 2013 inbed commented on Savage Love.
I was about to grab each of yall's boobs, but now I think I'll take my grabby self off to some other comment section.

Jun 25, 2013 inbed commented on Savage Love.
so hear you on the clit thing. generally not fazed but something about the trifeca of talking clits w/ old mom, the phrase "clitless mother" and the description of said old mom's clit being GRAY just kinda did me in for the night.

Apr 16, 2013 inbed commented on Savage Love.
"It does sound like a problem—a problem that's been solved." This is why I love you so, Dan.

And agreed on the no surprise role-play, although i kind of wish you told him to do it because that would have been a little bit awesome for him to show up, apropos of nothing, as the serial killer, or little French maiden, or angry dog or whatever. too mean, i suppose...

sending love to you thru the ether,
Feb 12, 2013 inbed commented on Savage Love.
Meanwhile, Harvey Fierstein's like "Heeeey...wait a minute."

p.s. I love that the dad is so on it and sensitive and just ready for whatever. obv. now's not perfect but seems a lot better than that kid and dad circa 1963 or whatever.

viva you, dan!

Jan 1, 2013 inbed commented on Savage Love.
I'm so with you on the whipped cream thing. Women's mags are always telling me i should be smearing various food stuffs on "my guy" then licking it back off. This just seems to introduce unwanted pubic hair into perfectly good food. (if you, however, are into public hair eatin', go to town.)

mathematically expressed: eating = good, sex = good, eating and sex at the same time < eating and sex separately.

happy new year, friends,

Nov 27, 2012 inbed commented on Savage Love.
There are actually some companies that recycle sex toys, even the ones that have been up people butts and whatnot. They make 'em into brand-spaking new toys to stick in fresh new orifices. I swear:…

Nov 6, 2012 inbed commented on Savage Love.
When Dan writes to tell hot Latin dude he's "a good little cocksucker" it reminds me of those dumb Dr. Phil scripts, but, oh God (or hell, oh Antinous) soooo much better.

ps tonight just realizing I got an excessive amount of election coverage via the Savage Twitter feed.

Oct 23, 2012 inbed commented on Savage Love.
It would be SO much more help if people actually did have names like "Mr. New Guy," "Mr. Long-Term" and whatnot. Even better would be extended versions "Mr. Nice Guy Who 'Gets' You and All That But Is Kind of Workmanlike In Bed."

Much easier to decide if you want to become MRS. Nice Guy Who...etc...

Loving the election tweets, btw,
Aug 14, 2012 inbed commented on Savage Love.
"I want to convince her I was scratching an itch or something."

Because that would be totally sweet if she thinks he has pin worms.

Jun 19, 2012 inbed commented on Savage Love.
All three letters about depressing-ass relationships and/or partners is making me wonder why we make it so fucking hard to be with each other. I mean, what could be better/more natural than sex with another person or person or stuffed animal or whatever, but we can't seem to...just let it happen without all this drama. Or is the drama the good part?

feelin' grouchy and confused,