mhulot gotta poop so bad.
May 18 mhulot commented on Second Ghostbusters Reboot Trailer a Charm?.
This trailer is better than the first.
May 3 mhulot commented on Seattle Repertory Theatre Takes Action after Stagehand Gets Caught Saying the N-Word.
Ok, this seemed a little ridiculous to me at first, as it appeared to be said within the context of the play, but if the SRT staff and cast who are people of color were made uncomfortable and unsafe by the use of the word, then I'm going to believe that it was not used innocently.
May 2 mhulot commented on After Eight Years of Music, Cairo Is Closing Its Doors.
It's been a few years since I've felt comfortable at Cairo, but I'm sad to see it go. Lots of special memories there. It added a lot to the neighborhood, and I know it was an important space for a lot of people.
Mar 10 mhulot commented on Obama On Republican Efforts to Blame Him for Trump's Rise.
@1 I wonder if, and hopefully when, he'll address this directly post-presidency.
Mar 9 mhulot commented on The Morning News: Firefighters Injured in Greenwood Explosion.
Fuck, glad no one was hurt in the explosion. Sad to those businesses destroyed. Never got to go to Mr. Gyro's.
Feb 23 mhulot commented on Rest In Peace, Renato Bialetti.
@1 Aluminum causing Alzheimer's has not been proven. Stop spreading lies.
Feb 23 mhulot commented on Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill Diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
Get well soon, Senator.
Feb 16 mhulot commented on Jeb Bush, Ladies and Gentleman.
@2 Oh, that's good.