mhulot gotta poop so bad.
Nov 4, 2016 mhulot commented on The Morning News: State Prisons to No Longer Label Prisoners "Inmates," SPD to Give Bodycam Contract to Taser.
Can I just say that today Morning News is so much better than the faux-poetic non-news Charles shoves our face into.
Oct 12, 2016 mhulot commented on Cubs Bars in Seattle?.
Yeah, Iron Bull came to mind for me as well. Noooot my favorite bar either but they 80,000 TVs and pool and shit.
Sep 23, 2016 mhulot commented on EOD: The Hamdog—Better or Worse Than the Whopperito?.
Those fire-engine red wieners are the real travesty here.
Sep 22, 2016 mhulot commented on The Guide to Cheap Eats on a College Student's Budget.
Ok, for Mexican food on Capitol Hill the only reasonable choice is Tacos Chukis. And it's cheap or cheaper than anything you've listed. Also, why not a shout out to one of the cheapest lunches in the city: a fuckin' bahn mi?
Sep 1, 2016 mhulot commented on To Us, Erin Jones Says She Made Mistakes. To Her Funders, She Says We Twisted Her Words..
I just feel like "news" is being made out of nothing. -_-
Aug 1, 2016 mhulot commented on ACLU is Giving Away Copies of the Constitution.
Honestly, why do I still come here?
Jul 1, 2016 mhulot commented on The Morning News: Hefty Fine for SDOT Director Over Pronto, State Taxes on Cars Going Up.
Linking to the Washington fucking Times? A conservative rag founded by a cult leader? Ansel wtf.
Jun 23, 2016 mhulot commented on U.K. Votes to Leave the European Union.
What the fuck is the WA State GOP saying? Fuck this.
May 25, 2016 mhulot commented on 50 Places in Seattle That You're Taking for Granted.
Ok, when was the last time you went to the bathroom at In The Bowl? The bathroom has been completely removed of all its former wonderfully tacky tranquility. Obviously you haven't been there in a while.
May 23, 2016 mhulot commented on Cafe Allegro Has a Sharps Container in Its Bathroom.
Let's give Allegro's owners less credit on installation of this and more credit to Allegro employees for begging for this for literally years after coming into dangerous contact with sharps in the trash, toilet, etc.