mhulot gotta poop so bad.
Mar 9 mhulot commented on The Morning News: Firefighters Injured in Greenwood Explosion.
Fuck, glad no one was hurt in the explosion. Sad to those businesses destroyed. Never got to go to Mr. Gyro's.
Feb 23 mhulot commented on Rest In Peace, Renato Bialetti.
@1 Aluminum causing Alzheimer's has not been proven. Stop spreading lies.
Feb 23 mhulot commented on Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill Diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
Get well soon, Senator.
Feb 16 mhulot commented on Jeb Bush, Ladies and Gentleman.
@2 Oh, that's good.
Feb 3 mhulot commented on A Man Died Inside Club Z Last Night.
@6 Tell us more about these off-limit areas. Where else were you prohibited from going?
Feb 1 mhulot commented on Four New Places That Say Something About Seattle Right Now.
I feel...alienated.
Jan 28 mhulot commented on Welcome to Seattle, Stoners!.
The T Dock is terrible and full of leeches, ISIS, and trans fats. Stay away if you know what's good for you. I'll be hanging out there from May-September to make sure the rest of Seattle isn't infiltrated by these unsavory elements.
Jan 27 mhulot commented on In Update from Fatal Encampment Shooting, Mayor Ed Murray Wonders, "Did I Act Too Late?".
@7 How does clearing homeless camps lower the count? They're still homeless. They're not going to be "disappeared" by the SPD.
Jan 14 mhulot commented on Jimmy Fallon Doing Bob Dylan Doing "Hotline Bling" Is AMAZING.
Oh, at first I thought it was actually Bob Dylan. I'm an idiot. This is pretty great.
Dec 10, 2015 mhulot commented on The Morning News: A Weather-Related State of Emergency and a "Tipping Point" for the American Middle Class.
Wow, serious praise for McDermott. Very proud to have him as my congressional rep.