Sep 21, 2012 boogens commented on The Galaxy of Oldominion Will Appear Tomorrow.
These guys grind hard, but they are a bunch of fucking dorks. And why does Bishop I always look like he's picking his nose when he's got the mic in his hand.
Aug 29, 2012 boogens commented on ‘Do the Right Thing’.
Did you know Buggin Out was Gus from Breaking Bad? Or was I the only person who did NOT know that?
Aug 6, 2012 boogens commented on He Thinks He's People!.
Scotch tape and a stapler does not qualift as "hardware stuff", even if they were in the same aisle at the grocery store.
Jul 30, 2012 boogens commented on Activist Launches Petition to Ban Pit Bulls in Seattle.
Shut up Ravenscent. You babying your dog to the point of it being scared of a cat, only reinforces the problem with pit bulls; the loyalty to there owners, mixed with the danger of there strength.

A ban isn't right, proper education and training specific to your breed however is. But I think a lot of people like to kid themselves. These dogs are a lot more dangerous, strong and unexpectedly violent than nearly any other breed. Can't remember the last time I read about a Labrador leaving someone in need of stitches.

Now go ahead and post all the stories of Labradors causing injury.
Jul 16, 2012 boogens commented on Never Heard Of Em: Public Enemy.
Cause that bitch is sooooooooooo-not-phisticated!
Jun 23, 2012 boogens commented on The Saturday Morning News.
Jesus fucking Christ you guys. It's obvious the owner wasn't expecting his dog to react like that. This is the least horrible thing I've ever seen, and your over reaction is a fucking joke.

And also, that donation line is pretty fucking funny.

If she had any self esteem she would have grabbed one of those fuckers by the ear and dragged him right off that bus. Self pity is so fucking sad and feeble.
Jun 6, 2012 boogens commented on Morning News: Yesterday Sucked.
Since when do hotels have bunk beds?
May 30, 2012 boogens commented on "These Are What Feelings Sound Like".
the best part was when he rhymed "bitch nigger" with "bitch nigger".
May 15, 2012 boogens commented on Woman Reportedly Nicknamed "Little Tits" Wins Sexual Discrimination Suit.
Did that fatty from Cha Cha ever lose weight?