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Apr 8 Granny Smith commented on Bernie Sanders Asks to Speak at Homophobic Group's Conference.
This is kind of childish. Who would turn down an invitation to the Vatican?

I've been to Mar-a-lago and drank the Trump Water, that doesn't make me a supporter or apologist.
Apr 5 Granny Smith commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day:.
Hire a well reviewed rentboy. They are very careful about exposure and safety. Also they will do the best job of walking you through all the complexities of gay sex in a non-selfish way. It really is worth it, at least for the first few times.

Folks on craigslist are the exact opposite.
Apr 4 Granny Smith commented on Beautiful Sentences Can't Save Lesley Hazleton's Agnostic from Its Moral and Logical Flaws.
@11 complete and total bullcrap. You can do better than this.
Apr 4 Granny Smith commented on Beautiful Sentences Can't Save Lesley Hazleton's Agnostic from Its Moral and Logical Flaws.
I will join the chorus here; Atheists do not believe in god. There is no faith of any kind in atheism. It isn't just a different type of cuisine, its not eating at all.

Attempts to describe atheism using religious or scientific terminology and ideas just make for meaningless metaphor.
Apr 1 Granny Smith commented on Talking Dirty with the Seattle Kinksters Who Are Making Taboo Topics Trendy.
@1 I've known Sparky for more than a decade and well before his kinky life. I've dined with his mother. He is as nice and sweet a person as you could ever know. Just like most folks in the kink world he is normal, loving and generous. He maintains lifelong friendships and long term sexual relationships.

This is the opposite of a psychopath.

Mar 29 Granny Smith commented on Why Is Hillary Clinton Entitled to Any Washington Superdelegates At All?.
"overwhelming preference of Washington voters" There is no way that 6% of the voters can represent the overwhelming anything.
Mar 29 Granny Smith commented on Washington Superdelegates Still Endorsing Clinton, Spurning Pro-Sanders Majority of State Voters.
@4 as hard as it may be to believe, I think the elected officials of this state actually prefer Clinton. The establishment rarely endorses the anti-establishment candidate. The do have jobs to do and legitimate duties and responsibilities to every resident (even the rich ones) They are likely to prefer someone who will work with them and not against them.
Mar 1 Granny Smith commented on Savage Love Letter of the Day: A Ring On It.
Ok guys, I have a PA and have for about 15 years. It was asked for by my husband who thinks they are sexy. Turns out having a weight attached to the head of your cock is very, very pleasurable. It makes for very intense sex and orgasms. There are downsides like the sitting-to-pee mentioned earlier and some very painful morning wood pajama entanglement situations.

Once I lost the ring when it fell out unexpectedly and found that I really missed it. I am not suggesting that everyone should go out and do it but there are real sexual reasons why someone might get this piercing and really enjoy it.
Feb 26 Granny Smith commented on A Dissenting View on Hillary Clinton and Marriage Equality.
Bernie will never get the super delegates and trump will never get the electoral college. All the rest of it is just a replay of every outsider candidate of the last 50 years. When are you guys going to learn your lesson?
Feb 24 Granny Smith commented on What a German Thinks about Mein Kampf's Best Seller Status.
IIRC the book is largely based on Henry Ford's newspaper