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Apr 2 Foonken2 commented on Wednesday Morning News: Gay Seattle Boy Scout Leader, Palestine's Bid for Recognition, Hopeful Afghan Women, Methane and You, Snow and California, and the Red Lobster in Tacoma.
@3. They should. I got a corridor full of blank stares the first time I used it, but it didn't deter me. (I think it's an "English-English" rather than "American-English" thing).

See also, Wha??!?!
Mar 31 Foonken2 commented on What a City Gets (and Doesn't Get) When It Gives Tech Companies Tax Breaks for Building in Low-Income Areas.
The govt never benefits as much as the company. Otherwise the company wouldn't take the tax break. File under: 'how capitalism works'
Mar 27 Foonken2 commented on Is Seattle Dying? Is Seattle Dead?.
I'm mostly endlessly crippled by nostalgia, and don't react well to change initially, but I'm over the hump re: the development thing. The Denny Triangle / SLU stuff is excitingly urban.

My only worry is that when everything is built there'll be these semi-private micro-neighborhoods and this kind of shit will happen:…
Mar 25 Foonken2 commented on Meanwhile, In Georgia, Guns are Coming to Bars.
Isn't airport security a federal thing (genuine question)?
Mar 21 Foonken2 commented on A New Animated Tour of the Soon-to-Be Eastside Light Rail Route!.
That South Bellevue station is in such a great place, may lessen traffic commuting from the Eastside to Seattle and from outside Bellevue into bellevue. I didn't get it until I saw this vid.
Mar 21 Foonken2 commented on What Are You Doing This Weekend?.
Where the damn is Nacho Borracho? I've tried (not very hard) to find it a couple times. What used to be where it is?
Mar 18 Foonken2 commented on Police Beat: Dog Owner Blames Attack On Victim.
/save/ the termites
Mar 18 Foonken2 commented on Currently Hanging: Jessica Craig-Martin's Wicked Crops.
Just like that tumbler yesterday.....
Mar 17 Foonken2 commented on Bill to Regulate Rideshare Companies and Cap Number of Active Drivers at 150 Passes Seattle City Council Unanimously.
There's an interesting piece in the New York Times Magazine which suggests Uber's ultimate aim is to run school bus systems, etc and become the Sodexo of logistics/transportation.

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