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Apr 21 TampaDink commented on Three-Year-Old Girl Second Amendments Two-Year-Old Brother.
Kids will be kids. Sometimes not sharing toys gets out of hand. What can ya do? Besides, buying a small casket, loading it up once, & putting it away someplace safe is so much easier than trying to keep up with all of the guns and ammunition (that the evil Obama administration has taken away from everyone). /sarcasm/
Then again, what do I know? It isn't safe for me to marry my boyfriend (of almost 28 yrs.) in our state. But we can stand our ground.
Apr 5 TampaDink commented on Catholic Church Stands With Undocumented Immigrants.
You're a much better recovering Catholic than I am. Maybe it is because I forced myself to play along for more than 40 years....but I admire your willingness to give them the benefit of doubt.
Apr 1 TampaDink commented on God Hates Fangs.
In reading his response posted on Saintpetersblog, this is what jumped out at me: “As a practicing Christian, I am deeply offended....." Well, of course you are deeply offended, this is practically a requirement as part of your chosen victimhood.
Mar 20 TampaDink commented on Fred Phelps Is Finally Fucking Dead!.
Poor spiritual leadership skills, as is evident from his followers refusal to follow him into death, en masse.
Which reminds me, I think that I'll send Shirley Roper Phelps a mass card. I know that the members of WBC would be especially touched by the gesture from a queer ex-catholic.
Mar 16 TampaDink commented on Fred Phelps: Excommunicated and Near Death.
@39....You are onto something. I'd already figured that they would never dare have any announced services of any kind, that they'd probably bar the members of the family that had left/been disowned/excommunicated. Then when I read that Fred had been tossed out of his own cult, I wonder whether it was a method to avoid paying for any of his end of life care and final disposal. If he ends up in a paupers grave, that is more than he deserves. Superfund site would be a real concern if his grave were marked... since pilgrims would come from near & far to mark it again & again. It would be a toilet...among graves of dead folks who deserve better treatment than to share the same leechfields.
Mar 16 TampaDink commented on Fred Phelps: Excommunicated and Near Death.
May Fred's final days allow for at least one good long sponge bath from a lesbian combat veteran, with the use of a cleansing steel wool loofah sponge & invigorating rubbing alcohol.
Mar 16 TampaDink commented on Fred Phelps: Excommunicated and Near Death.
I have never killed a man, but I have read many obituaries with great pleasure.
~Clarence Darrow

I will be pleased to read the official notice that Fred's reign of hate is over. If there were any justice, he'd take all of his loyal followers with him.
Mar 10 TampaDink commented on Rodney Tom Whipped Up a Fun New Way to Cut Funding for the Homeless.
@5: I hadn't noticed that....I thought it was Daniel Tosh.
Mar 5 TampaDink commented on New Poll Shows Highest Support for Gay Marriage Ever, Pope Comes Out for Civil Unions.
Perhaps Francis misspoke again....when he said 'civil unions' he intended to say 'fuck that'.
Feb 28 TampaDink commented on Kurt Cobain or Steve Jobs: Whose Statue Is Uglier?.
I envision that binary code 1 being polished up with lots of lube.....think of it as a free opportunity for Jobs to fuck the public even in death.

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