Dec 18, 2013 gawd commented on Turns Out, Mitt Romney Was Human.
Romney = Gore. Nice guy, Wrong job.
Nov 27, 2013 gawd commented on The Word "Hipster" Has Officially Lost All Meaning.
Well, sort of more diverse. As a percentage matter, persons of diverse ethnic origins are a larger proportion of the total population in Bellevue than Seattle, because of the large influx of asian, indian and east aftrican folks in east Bellevue.

But in terms of raw numbers, there are VASTLY more people of color in Seattle (+150,000 vs. 40,000). And diverse communities have yet to penetrate the power structure in Bellevue (don't talk to me about business lackey Conrad Lee).……
Nov 22, 2013 gawd commented on My Dad's Unsolicited Remembrance of the Day JFK Was Shot.
@3, 8 - It IS an awesome question. I have a 16 yr-old, who is one of the most upbeat, positive people I know. But no idea whether he is representative.

I will try a tough one here: I do not think the hope of December 2008 was misplaced, or has gone un-answered. Notwithstanding the whithering thrum of obstruction and hatery in modern politics, Obama HAS changed what constitutes "normal" in this era. Perhaps the sheer magnitude of shifting norms caused by his presidency won't be known, measureable or realized until he's long gone from office.

In 2000 a lawsuit gave the white house to Bush. That led to 10 years of war, international strife and economic collapse. Much of that damage has been stopped, and some healing has begun. But more importantly, our cultural development has progressed toward further national maturity. Call me an optimist. What other way is there to be?

Can we do better? Sure. Should we expect more from DC? Absolutely. But the measure of whether hope has been realized should be more than whether a law was passed or a filibuster broken. It should also include consideration of what the alternative could have been. Kennedy might have disappointed people in the end. No one will know. But hope did not end with his killing. It shifted form, morphed into a standard, became something to measure others by, and continues thus to this day.

My message is simple. People should not shy away from letting themselves feel hope, and they should never, ever, under-empahsize the importance of elections. It matters who runs. It matters who gets nominated. It matters who gets elected. In every election. At every level. Each in its own turn stimulates its own measures of hope and anguish. That alone is enough to keep doing it.
Nov 18, 2013 gawd commented on Has There Ever Been a Socialist on the Seattle City Council Before?.
It is also worth noting that Washington State's most famous and successful insider career politician got his start working either in, or with, the Communist Party: Warren Magnuson. Shelby Scates biography included this line: Magnuson in 1936..."was the de facto Communist Party candidate for Congress."

And Historylink reports:
"With strong union backing, Magnuson won the endorsement of the Washington Commonwealth Federation (WCF), a left-wing alliance of liberal Democrats and organized labor that included many Communist Party members."

So there's hope for Sawant.
Oct 24, 2013 gawd commented on The Rainier R Is Returning Tonight!.
Do people know there was another original "R", a smaller one on the bottling plant across the street from the brewery? That original "R" was restored by Sound Transit and is now mounted on the outside of the Link train shop in Sodo, as the first letter in "Rail". True fact. Now both Rs are home.
Sep 6, 2013 gawd commented on Isolationism and These Angry Days.
This debate might be helped along by going back even further in history and searching for books & literature on the post-World War 1 era, when the international response to the use of chemical weapons initally became a top tier diplomatic issue. It's my sense (absent any hard research) that contemporary conventional wisdom on chemical weapons was formed at that time -- in the immediate aftermath of the use of such weapons by a European power in an erstwhile conventional war.

Wouldn't it help us to recall what that was like, and why it was such a big deal? Wasn't the clarion call at the time to ensure that such madness never happeneed again? Surely there is a book similar to the Roosevelt-Lindberg analysis involving Woodrow Wilson and the other League of Nations protagonists..?
Aug 7, 2013 gawd commented on Seventy Percent of Primary Voters Cast Ballots Against Ed Murray.
What utterly ridiculous logic Goldy. Elections are referenda on incumbents. Always. Unless you live in a gerrimandered district, but even then...

Voters don't 'vote against' challengers. Incumbents get their voters out, and the rest vote against the incumbent. They choose another choice because they don't like the one they've been living with for four years.
Jul 22, 2013 gawd commented on We Did Not Endorse Ed Murray.
Where else would he use quotes from the Stranger, aside from capaign literature? Methinks thou doth protest a tad too much.
Jul 2, 2013 gawd commented on Seattle Transit Blog Endorses McGinn as "Unassailable".
mcginn is enjoying the halcyon days of transit planning, where everything is on the table and no idea is too crazy. the hard part is picking something to build and then paying for it. who will be better at doing the actual work?