Feb 12, 2014 gawd commented on Why Won't the State Tell Us How Far Behind the Tunnel Is?.
There are two questions that need asking here, and Dom is asking only one of them. 1. What is the situation? WSDOT needs to answer that, and Dom should keep on being adick until they do. 2. What can be done to alter the situation? Dom's not asking that one, but should.

This is the time to begin examing the merits of the decision to enter a design-build contract. It's looking more and more like a good decision in retrospect. The D-B approach is intended, in part, to handle situations like this. To wit, the onus is on the contractor and the equipment supplier to deliver the tools to do the job, and execute the job. If they don't, they are not meeting the terms of the deal. The onus is on the owner to define the job specifically enough for the contractor to do it.

Next, these contracts always include claims & dispute resolution processes, with specific procedures for documenting disputes for reconciliation at the end of the job. Among the purposes of this approach is to make sure work continues even if there are disagreements about fault between the owner and contractor.

Finally, insurance will play a major role here. It's also important to know what insurance provisions might apply; a D-B contractor, in fact any contractor, doesn't get awarded the job unless they are well covered with insurance.

So the schedule is totally shot, yes. But the questions of cost overruns and who pays will largely be informed by how the dispute resolution goes, how fault is allocated, and to what extent coverage kicks in. Dom-- time to start asking these questions.
Jan 31, 2014 gawd commented on The International Response to the Knox Verdict.
I thought Knox had been aquitted. Isn't this double jeopardy, being tried for the same crime twice? I don't think that is even allowed in the US, is it?
Jan 29, 2014 gawd commented on Snowden Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.
What Snowden did.... are we better or worse for it? Better for sure. Full stop.

That said, Snowden is a punk who didn't have the balls to go public on his own soil & trust his society to enable his story to be told. Instead, he ran away and hid behind the cloak of dictator/KGB thug/homophobe Victor Putin and takes petulant pot shots from behind the erstwhile iron curtain. Neener, neener. catch me if you can. Irony anyone?

Snowden has acted in ways that suggest he is more about Snowden than the cause he purports to believe in. Am I glad the information he has is public? Yes. Does there need to be a big public debate about changes to how NSA does business? Absolutely. Does he deserve any respect -- or a peace rpize -- for how he has acted? No effn way. Be a stand up guy, Ed. Own it that society's got rules. Use what you know to change the rules. Dont run & hide in a manner that sends the message that it's OK to selectively comply with laws in a democratic society. You've undermined your own point, dumbass.
Jan 10, 2014 gawd commented on The Stupid Season: Olympia Kicks Off Its Most Pointless Legislative Session Ever.
Goldy - I usually agree with you, especially when you swear. This time I don't. To get this state going back in the right direction, the state Senate needs to change. For the Senate to change, the 2014 election needs a tidal-scale movement. To get a tidal movement, there needs to be a clear and defining exposure of the MCC's deliberate failure to address education and jobs.

The Gov shouldn't spend one more minute on a pointless transportation package that's never going to happen. He should spend the next 60 days shining a bright spotlight on the McCleary decision and the unemployment rate, so that when the MCC predicatably fails to do anything worthwhile he's ready to hit the go button on the "give me a new Senate" campaign. What happens in the next 60 days, then, is incredibly consequential.
Dec 18, 2013 gawd commented on Turns Out, Mitt Romney Was Human.
Romney = Gore. Nice guy, Wrong job.
Nov 27, 2013 gawd commented on The Word "Hipster" Has Officially Lost All Meaning.
Well, sort of more diverse. As a percentage matter, persons of diverse ethnic origins are a larger proportion of the total population in Bellevue than Seattle, because of the large influx of asian, indian and east aftrican folks in east Bellevue.

But in terms of raw numbers, there are VASTLY more people of color in Seattle (+150,000 vs. 40,000). And diverse communities have yet to penetrate the power structure in Bellevue (don't talk to me about business lackey Conrad Lee).

Nov 22, 2013 gawd commented on My Dad's Unsolicited Remembrance of the Day JFK Was Shot.
@3, 8 - It IS an awesome question. I have a 16 yr-old, who is one of the most upbeat, positive people I know. But no idea whether he is representative.

I will try a tough one here: I do not think the hope of December 2008 was misplaced, or has gone un-answered. Notwithstanding the whithering thrum of obstruction and hatery in modern politics, Obama HAS changed what constitutes "normal" in this era. Perhaps the sheer magnitude of shifting norms caused by his presidency won't be known, measureable or realized until he's long gone from office.

In 2000 a lawsuit gave the white house to Bush. That led to 10 years of war, international strife and economic collapse. Much of that damage has been stopped, and some healing has begun. But more importantly, our cultural development has progressed toward further national maturity. Call me an optimist. What other way is there to be?

Can we do better? Sure. Should we expect more from DC? Absolutely. But the measure of whether hope has been realized should be more than whether a law was passed or a filibuster broken. It should also include consideration of what the alternative could have been. Kennedy might have disappointed people in the end. No one will know. But hope did not end with his killing. It shifted form, morphed into a standard, became something to measure others by, and continues thus to this day.

My message is simple. People should not shy away from letting themselves feel hope, and they should never, ever, under-empahsize the importance of elections. It matters who runs. It matters who gets nominated. It matters who gets elected. In every election. At every level. Each in its own turn stimulates its own measures of hope and anguish. That alone is enough to keep doing it.
Nov 18, 2013 gawd commented on Has There Ever Been a Socialist on the Seattle City Council Before?.
It is also worth noting that Washington State's most famous and successful insider career politician got his start working either in, or with, the Communist Party: Warren Magnuson. Shelby Scates biography included this line: Magnuson in 1936..."was the de facto Communist Party candidate for Congress."

And Historylink reports:
"With strong union backing, Magnuson won the endorsement of the Washington Commonwealth Federation (WCF), a left-wing alliance of liberal Democrats and organized labor that included many Communist Party members."

So there's hope for Sawant.
Oct 24, 2013 gawd commented on The Rainier R Is Returning Tonight!.
Do people know there was another original "R", a smaller one on the bottling plant across the street from the brewery? That original "R" was restored by Sound Transit and is now mounted on the outside of the Link train shop in Sodo, as the first letter in "Rail". True fact. Now both Rs are home.