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Dec 8, 2014 Eastpike commented on Weekend Review: Temporary Tattoos? Hawt Pits! Matthew McConaughey... and the Meat Puppets!.
People have been dying their pits about as long as they've been dying eyebrows, beards, etc.. Really this is not a trend, nor is it new. You are only hearing about it because style bloggers can't come up with original material, so it's going viral with repeat blogs.
Dec 8, 2014 Eastpike commented on Today's Protest Is Brought to You By "Anarchists in the Pacific Northwest".
Shills planted by "big glass" to support a waning window glass replacement industry, no doubt.
Dec 3, 2014 Eastpike commented on Anonymous Seattle Police Video Requester Wants All of Obama’s Body Cams to Upload Straight to YouTube.
"Ask" is a verb. Using it as a noun is wrong, please stop it.
Nov 1, 2014 Eastpike commented on Is Vaping Really Safer Than Smoking?.
"vaporizers that utilize oils deliver higher doses of THC than vaporizers that utilize dry plant."

Source please.

You forgot to take into account that vaporizers that use oils burn an almost invisible amount of oil, while vapes that burn plant material use a bug hunk. One puff on either should be, give or take, about the same dose.
Oct 28, 2014 Eastpike commented on Guest Editorial: Prop 1A Is Not About Kids, It's About Unions and Money.
I really want to get behind this, and it seems like you have your head screwed on straight, Goldy, but I don't really get your format. It's a good rebuttal in a debate if that is what you're going for, but as a stand-alone piece it just seems argumentative and lacks nuts and bolts information about the different propositions.
Oct 18, 2014 Eastpike commented on Absolut Phoney: A Giant Conglomerate Is Bringing Its "Local" Liquor to Ballard.
Sad that the food/drink snobbery has infected our culture so much that now, large scale producers are being forced to falsely label their (decent but cheap) products.
Oct 16, 2014 Eastpike commented on This Month in Bike Lane Blockages: Delivery Trucks, Armored Trucks, and Bollards.
Even if parking enforcement gets there in time, the driver of the armored truck (who is always waiting inside) will just give him or her a nod and move along. They can still cite a vehicle that moves away, but they rarely do.

Another issue which is hard to illustrate is the unwritten rule that commercial trucks basically have immunity from parking enforcement. They park wherever they want, so making this a line in the sand might be difficult, but not impossible. It will take more than pointing out that it's illegal and dangerous.
Oct 6, 2014 Eastpike commented on A History of Why My Friend Is Paying $1000 a Month to Live in a Shoebox on Capitol Hill.
Here's a level-headed take on the history of ugly buildings that were basically required to be ugly because of the parking space mandate. Interesting read whichever side you're on in this debate about new construction parking: http://daily.sightline.org/2013/06/18/ug…
Oct 6, 2014 Eastpike commented on A History of Why My Friend Is Paying $1000 a Month to Live in a Shoebox on Capitol Hill.
/It will have an underground parking garage, which is complete insanity/

I understand that you might think that parking is unnecessary or "insane" in this busy world that we live in on the hill, but believe me, it is neither. Even as a non-car-owning resident, you still have the occasional get-together wherein you might need to allow for a small number of cars to park. But a lot of people still in fact own cars, and they need a place to put it when they're out there riding their bike and utilizing public transportation.

As a developer, the old mandate for parking in new residential structures was a drag. Now everyone is putting in more parking than is mandated, because they want to have it as an amenity. Keep on hating if you want.
Sep 30, 2014 Eastpike commented on The Morning News: Seattle’s Second Weed Shop Opens Today.
The waterfront plan isn't even open for bids yet. They don't even have plan. I am kind of surprised to see a headline that says that they are scaling back the "plan". Duh-- that's exactly what the actual method here is. The "plan" is just a hodgepodge of crowdsourced ideas, no shit it's going to be incrementally scaled back. Please don't write a headline like this for every single stage of planning. Wait until they have a budget and bids for construction.