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Jul 7 Eastpike commented on A List of the First 24 Stores to Sell Legal Pot!!.
I imagine that oils and such are even further out? Any projected date?
Jun 24 Eastpike commented on Report of a Peeping Drone in Downtown Seattle.
@28 You are correct, you don't understand the problem.
May 14 Eastpike commented on Does The Biggest Loser Lie About Important Weight Loss Information?.
@4 I think the contest is for how much they *Lost* which makes any clothing irrelevant so long as they weighed in with the same clothing before and after.
May 13 Eastpike commented on Mayor Murray Wants to Re-Run Proposition 1 in Seattle to Save Metro.
I agree that this is better. I am not in favor of raising property taxes, which are passed along to renters. Keeping housing costs down in the city will also keep the number of commuters down.
May 8 Eastpike commented on Waid's Restaurant and Lounge Suffers Setback in Fight to Survive.
If this is such an important issue for the black community, Waid should take his role in the matter more seriously. He did the soundproofing, why won't he inensify security, root out the druggies, and show up to court when summoned?
Apr 28 Eastpike commented on Woman Who Ran Over Three Teenage Cyclists, Killing One, Now Experiencing Episodes of "Irritability".
@32 there are several influential points of fact that I don't think are totally settled yet, at least not in my mind. Were the bikes equipped with reflectors? Because you can see those things, unless you're cresting a hill, from as far as 500 feet. Easily. And what about her "not even adjusting the radio" or whatever. Not texting. Not drunk or high. Are these things in fact true? And you (redditor) even admit that she might have been speeding (ohh but we all do? what?). Fault is fault. If the boys were 100% at fault, as you are saying, I don't really see how. She didn't see them? There's THREE of them! Did ALL THREE cyclists remove the reflectors from their bikes? Something isn't right in your emotional recounting of what sounds like an impossible hypothetical situation. I know being an accidental killer of a teenager is tough, but what the fuck? What.The. Fuck. She wants to be paid for her suffering? Why should they have to pay, please tell me. Do they need punishment for something? Do they owe her because they're at fault?
Apr 23 Eastpike commented on The Fight Over a Late-Night Hangout Called Waid's.
The junkies are pretty well cleared out by 2 and 3 AM. I've never seen them after hours from the clinic's closing.
Apr 10 Eastpike commented on Council Member Sawant, Can We Talk?.
@30, the difference between small and large businesses is that the owners of small business are members of our community, in some cases they are among the same class as the folks they employ. I know of several owners that don't even make minimum wage themselves, but work their ass off in order to attempt to get ahead, or in the case of my childcare provider, to help raise the next generation of kind and thoughtful citizens.
Apr 3 Eastpike commented on Seattle Can Take a Stand on the Misuse of Antibiotics in Factory Farms, and You Can Help.
@12 actually ranchers and the FDA are already working to phase out prophylactic use of antibiotics. This shouldn't have to be a legislative issue.
Apr 2 Eastpike commented on Seattle Can Take a Stand on the Misuse of Antibiotics in Factory Farms, and You Can Help.
The claims that we should be worried about drug-resistant bacteria in our food are kind of ridiculous. First, there's no link between the uptick in infections among humans of drug-resistant bacteria on account of overuse in farming-- that is a problem with NOT COOKING MEAT PROPERLY. If you get salmonella, it sucks! Sure, it sucks more if that strain of salmonella is drug resistant, but who is to blame? The farmer or the cook? Bacteria is everywhere, including AB resistant bacteria. It's in all of our food, and it's probably on your hands right now. Take a look at over prescription in people, there's a much more obvious problem there.

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