Sep 21, 2012 YoungBS commented on Here Come Mitt's Tax Returns.
It looks like the Romney campaign has a sense of nostalgia for the times when all they had to worry about was the optics of his income and taxes.

I doubt they've done any strenuous amending; they just decided that the furor over what's in there is preferable to the more recent slams they've been getting from fellow conservatives. The returns will probably serve to solidify the impression he's trying to give his plutocratic backers; I'm one of you.
Sep 13, 2012 YoungBS commented on Mitt Romney, Keeping a Low Profile, Flies on Hair Force One.
I would like to retract my vote for Outsource One and instead vote for Air Force 1%.
Both are good.
Aug 3, 2012 YoungBS commented on Rmoney Promises....
@11, they don't have to be deliberately holding back measures they know would create jobs to issue this kind of projection. Romney's engaging in the usual executive practice of projecting sunny results while preparing to blame the rain on circumstances beyond his control.
Jun 19, 2012 YoungBS commented on Scott Brown Will Debate Elizabeth Warren if MSNBC Isn't Involved.
What's with politicians who only want to run for president of their own fan club?
Jun 18, 2012 YoungBS commented on Mitt Romney Learns About Touch-Screen Technology.
Sounds like every executive I've ever heard straining to be relateable. He would have been better off just leaving it at a basic name-drop of the sandwich shop. Bands and stand-up comics have that local pandering down; keep it short, or you just wind up highlighting your out-of-town-ness.
May 18, 2012 YoungBS commented on Interview with a Book Censor.
@3, @6... it would be hard to have a book club if the book gets censored, though...
May 18, 2012 YoungBS commented on Interview with a Book Censor.
Nice for her... Guess I should have read the article first. Still a ludicrous statement.
May 18, 2012 YoungBS commented on Interview with a Book Censor.
That's nice for him, that he gets to learn new things every day. Maybe soon, one of those things will be an appreciation of just how ludicrous that is.
May 9, 2012 YoungBS commented on Rmoney's 500,000.
Arbitrary metrics are a favorite tool of the executive managerial class.
Apr 27, 2012 YoungBS commented on Mitt Romney Says It's No Fair to Bring Up the Killing-Osama-bin-Laden Thing.
No fair distracting from your failures with your successes.