Sep 11, 2013 repete commented on Savage Love.
Dick sheath? Dan has been mentioning these things a lot lately. Sounds a bit like shooting pool with a rope, because you know once the cock is in there it's going limp and that thing will be all over the place. I'm with the others who would much rather get a big toy. You get a much better view that way.

Re "fucking like a man": I know this mental midget of a b/f wasn't approaching it from this angle, but isn't the gender reversal/role play part of what makes it hot for some people?
Sep 6, 2013 repete commented on Fast-Food Stroke.
@28: When you think everyone is crazy but you sometimes you're the one who's crazy. That other people don't have a right to an informed opinion, to assert that yours is the only valid opinion to have, is a liberal, enlightened (and therefore Democrat :-/) position?
Sep 6, 2013 repete commented on Fast-Food Stroke.
@26: That's the MO of many crusaders: Assume you know what's best for someone--often a group you have nothing more than a tenuous academic/theoretic relationship with, usually inferior* people of some sort--assume you know what they want and then speak (unsolicited) on their behalf.

*underprivileged, marginalized, disenfranchised
Sep 5, 2013 repete commented on Fast-Food Stroke.
@18: Nailed it.

@19: "The huge difference in benefits and the huge differential in the income potential of those jobs (i.e., what you might make after 5 or 10 years) would continue to be incentive for people to go to school."

People in these positions don't seem to have any incentive to go to school. As I said, fast food jobs are a stop-gap. I doubt a single person enters into one with a long-term career in mind. They work at McDonald's for the same reason many people work where they do--it's the best thing available, a compromise between what they want to do and what's available to them.

Also, if you think unions are the only reason we have a middle class then you're missing out on a significant piece of reality. You're also conflating "blue collar" with "unskilled". And forgetting about women in the workplace. And the role of WWII in creating prosperity. To say nothing of ignoring what the unions have done to the auto industry, destroying an entire industry for the sake of some unrealistic and nonviable benefits packages.

For what it's worth, I was a burger flipper. And a server, busboy, bartender, valet and bank teller--all shit jobs--in my teens and twenties. I recognize those jobs for what they were--a bridge from one place to another. I have no contempt for burger flippers. What I do have contempt for is someone who thinks flipping burgers is a career. And people who use theoretical arguments to champion the rights of the(ir) underclass.
Sep 5, 2013 repete commented on Fast-Food Stroke.
@15: That's exactly what it means. When you set the minimum bar at a level that isn't affordable you don't have the resources to pay those who are more qualified.

If everyone goes to college who flips burgers? You're seeing that already. When Clinton said he wanted every American to have a college degree he and others failed to consider what we'd have on our hands--too many educated people for the number of jobs requiring higher education. Jobs that used to require a high school diploma now ask for a college degree for the simple reason that there are too many degrees to go around and the hiring market is more competitive. So when a college educated person gets a job that doesn't require a degree (s)he isn't making any more money but (s)he's still stuck with the debt.

My argument isn't that minimum wage shouldn't be raised periodically but that $15/hour--the higher than many entry level positions requiring a college degree--is too high in today's economy.

Finally, minimum wage jobs are intended for the unskilled and uneducated. High school and college age kids are the ideal candidates. There's a self-regulating factor in place for those who don't want to get paid next to nothing. It's called "being broke".

@16: There is room for advancement and raises in the fast food industry too. Or you can promote yourself to something that pays better. Fast food work isn't a career, it's a stop-gap.
Sep 4, 2013 repete commented on Fast-Food Stroke.
@8: To 5's point, compensation is based on education, qualification & skills. Generally the more education and experience in a given field the higher the compensation. A company offers a certain amount of compensation to attract and retain someone who is able to perform a necessary duty. Very few people are qualified to be (for example) an LCSW, EMT, etc. To become skilled costs time and money. What you're saying is that a virtually unskilled burger flipper--a job never intended to be anything more than a temporary position--should be able to walk right off the street and make the same amount of money.

Illegal immigrants often work in unskilled positions. If you started paying $15/hour to all McDonald's employees there would be a dust cloud covering the southern border of the US. And those stuck in the cycle of poverty certainly wouldn't have much incentive to finish high school, go to college etc.
Sep 4, 2013 repete commented on Fast-Food Stroke.
The $8/hour people demand a doubling in wage. That makes the $15/hour people demand a doubling in wage. And so on and so on, causing the cost of everything to increase. The $15/hour worker can't afford anything so he buys foreign-made goods, in effect exporting poverty to some undeveloped nation, made by some 12 year old who is happy to sew t-shirts for $1/day. :=/

To quote the venerable Judge Smails, "The world needs ditch diggers too."
Aug 15, 2013 repete commented on Savage Love.
@52: Dan goes to bat for men all the time, pointing out double standards that exist in society as he doles out his advice. As a strong believer in gender/sex/race/whatever equality, and therefore what you might call a "men's rights" person, I wouldn't follow him otherwise.
Aug 14, 2013 repete commented on Savage Love.
Good answer on #1 but I'm with #17 here. The potential danger the LW is setting herself up for is obvious, but the potential fantasy fulfiller balked for the same reason I would have--he would be committing offenses that could cause him to end up in jail and become a sex offender for the rest of his life. His freedom to be determined by the whim of what seems to be a rather confused person.
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@16: How many porns have you watched? Not all men in porn are ugly and not all women in porn have spray tans. The porn spectrum is very wide and thanks to effective search engines and the ubiquity of porn production it's very easy to find what you want and avoid what you don't like.