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Jul 24 sarah70 commented on BREAKING: Congress Does Something.
Hopefully this will derail all the DeVry University clones.
Jul 24 sarah70 commented on No, No, NO: Seattle's Hurricane Cafe Is Closing.
@58, you forgot to use the word "vibrant". All density-positive posts are required to use vibrant. That way the minute we spot that stupid nonsense word, we know that reading further will be a waste of time.
Jul 24 sarah70 commented on Seattle Public Schools Under Federal Investigation After Garfield Parents Allege the District Botched a Sexual Assault Investigation.
Special Ed is a real bear of a problem. There never was sufficient money for those deemed needing Special Ed, and now with better diagnostic procedures and even less money, we have an increasing number of kids and less services. The problem was masked somewhat several decades ago during the "mainstreaming" years (which was a failure for many reasons), but now it's obvious. I don't know if it will ever be solved because primary education is one of the many things that Republicans in the legislature like to talk about instead of funding it.
Jul 24 sarah70 commented on Guest Editorial: Parks Should Serve Everyone, so Vote "For" Seattle's Proposition 1.
@27, it's possible that all the candidates for a particular seat (and remember, next year we're going to be voting by district except for two seats) will make their own minds up how they want to spend this money. We give them that power by voting for this thing. Voting Councilmembers in or out is an ineffective (to put it mildly) way to try to determine how a permanent pot of money is spent.
Jul 24 sarah70 commented on SL Letter of the Day: License to Dump.
There's no way he could prove he's the father of this child unless he paid for a DNA test, and entered a case to get a court order to force the mother to submit the child for a test. Since he's broke and irresponsible, he's not going to do that. Even if he were to be proven the father, no court would award him custody, or even visitation either, considering his behavior.
Jul 24 sarah70 commented on In His Final Book, Harvey Pekar Explains Israel to You.
@1, explain what the difference is between "Arab" and "Palestinian". Especially since the Palestinians were Arabs before Arafat renamed them.
Jul 24 sarah70 commented on Paul Ryan Has a New Plan to Fine Poor People for Being Poor.
@2 is right. A contract has to include some sort of remuneration, goods, or action; in this case, the goods are financial aid, and the terms of the contract say that certain actions have to be carried out or the financial aid is cut in amount and/or term.

And Ryan is indeed a shit.
Jul 23 sarah70 commented on Twenty Palestinians Killed for Every One Israeli.
@14's right. Instead of investing in underground shelters, Hamas has underground armament tunnels. They're receiving Iranian and Syrian arms through tunnels from Egypt, and they've been sending missiles into Israel since Hamas was "elected" in Gaza.

I'm still waiting for someone to answer this question -- a direct answer, to a direct question: what would you expect the US to do if Mexico (which used to own a number of US states) started sending missiles in those particular states? Like California, Texas, etc. -- every state that borders on Mexico. Would we simply ignore it?
Jul 23 sarah70 commented on Seattle's Best Daily Newspaper Editor Says Stop Publishing Daily Newspapers.
What you talk about may have been the Stranger's model 8 years ago, but in the last year, it hasn't been reality. Most of the good Stranger's writers have left for various reasons, and you're now 3/4 music and food. Why did that happen?
Jul 22 sarah70 commented on A Win for Affordable Housing in the Central District.
@8, the City -- in this case, Murray as the CEO -- has made a choice. Ansel refers to Murray as saying he believes the city is going to have to contribute monetarily in order for a nonprofit like LIHI to take over Squire Park, and he believes those dollars can be better spent elsewhere.

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