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Dec 9, 2014 Warren Terra commented on The War on Piracy Is Real as Police Seize Pirate Bay Assets.
Paul, you get paid to write. Surely you can understand the idea that content creators deserve to be paid for their efforts - and that's true whether their contribution is brilliant art that bares their soul or toiling away in the accounting department of whatever studio unleashes the Transformers films on the world.

We can argue priorities, and methods, and solutions. We can denounce overheated and absurd rhetoric that equates people stealing music with international terrorits. But please don't make it sound like there is never any need to protect intellectual property rights.
Dec 4, 2014 Warren Terra commented on The Stranger's New City Hall Reporter Is Heidi Groover!.
Congratulations, and welcome. The Stranger's news coverage, once excellent, has been dwindling to the anemic over the last year, so you've got a lot of hard work ahead of you if you're going to restore it!
Dec 3, 2014 Warren Terra commented on That's Some Good Noticing.
Give the bar stories a shot. They can't be as bad as your current series that features perving over random bartenders.
Dec 3, 2014 Warren Terra commented on Anonymous Seattle Police Video Requester Wants All of Obama’s Body Cams to Upload Straight to YouTube.
This is an asinine idea. Body cams, if done right and ~always on, will be privy to a vast amount of private information ranging from the embarrassing through the intrusive to the endangering, and blurring faces doesn't remotely cover this problem. What about the microphone - you going to mute that? The details of peoples' homes? Heck, what happens when the cop needs the restroom? Snitches and informants? Domestic strife?

Body cameras are a potentially huge development in regulating our cops and enabling us to rely on them (with us knowing their misdeeds will be captured, and them knowing their righteous deeds cannot easily be misportrayed). To do it right, they need to capture as much as possible, to stay on ideally all the time, and the footage not to be deleted for months if not years. And for this to be possible, there need to be protections for the people they encounter, and protections for the cops against harassment. The easiest solution is to do the opposite of what this guy requests, and to lock up all the videos in such a way that they're available to concerned citizens who can demonstrate an important issue exists (you need some sort of defense against prurient interest, or against the cop's stalker ex), and that they can be viewed and studied but not distributed without special permission.
Dec 1, 2014 Warren Terra commented on Self-Checkout Machines Don't Talk Black.
Expected Item In Trolling Area.
Nov 24, 2014 Warren Terra commented on The Only Vote Against the Seattle's Left-Created Budget? Kshama Sawant..
Here's the thing, #11: if her vote simply isn't there for a compromise, even after she "got a lot accomplished" to move the bill in her direction, then there's no reason ever to move in her direction. The council did a lot of what she wanted, and in response she's basically calling them names. So why should they ever again do any of what she wants?
Nov 24, 2014 Warren Terra commented on The Only Vote Against the Seattle's Left-Created Budget? Kshama Sawant..
Given that her avowedly uber-principled stand didn't actually kill anything, "making the perfect the enemy of the good" might be overstating the case.

I think the greater fear is one of irresponsibility, unaccountability. If Sawant is unwilling to actually sign her name to any compromises that are enacted, unable to vote for anything that fails to reach all of her goals, she is basically excluding herself from the process, condemning herself to irrelevance. The budget was a significant improvement, largely because of a leftward dynamic she claims to embody. If she can't usefully be a part of actually achieving that progress, because she refuses to take what she can get and insists on insulting and denigrating those who make compromises, she's wasting her seat.
Nov 24, 2014 Warren Terra commented on Bartender Crush: Taylor at Rendezvous.
The inherent creepiness of this recurring feature continues.
Nov 20, 2014 Warren Terra commented on The Morning News: Why Kshama Sawant Got Arrested Protesting Against Alaska Airlines.
OK, you think that getting arrested for peacefully protesting on behalf of the underpriveleged (1) should disqualify people from public life; and (2) will in particular shame her among her kin in India.

One Mohandas Gandhi would like a quiet word with you. After contemplating him, you might want to look into a simply enormous number of right-thinking, freedom- and equality-loving Americans from the 1950s, 1960s, and beyond (and, indeed, before).
Nov 20, 2014 Warren Terra commented on The Morning News: Why Kshama Sawant Got Arrested Protesting Against Alaska Airlines.
The profitability of Amazon is an interesting question. They report a modest operating loss - but meanwhile they have built an incredible infrastructure for warehousing and delivery, and another for data storage and processing, and that's apart from attempting to place a value on their market share, their brand name recognition, and their subscriber base. As I understand it, when their operating profits or losses are calculated a lot of those infrastructure expenses show up as losses, purely as money expended. I think that if you include the growth in their circumstances Amazon could be considered to be profitable.