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Jun 11 SeattleKim commented on Shit Is Going Down In Iraq.
We should do now exactly what we should have done then. Leave their country to them. It will be brutal, unjust and horrible to watch. But until the people who live in that country find their own solution, they will never have peace. The best we can do is provide sanctuary and shelter to those who make it out and request it.
Jun 4 SeattleKim commented on Both Victims of the Double Homicide on Sunday Were Reportedly Gay.
Well fuck. That pretty well clears things up. Now I'm even more depressed.
Jun 4 SeattleKim commented on Supreme Court Refuses to Put Oregon Gay Marriages on Hold.
If Prop 8 was thrown out due to lack of standing, NOM doesn't stand an icicle's chance in hell of being allowed standing in the Oregon case.
Jun 3 SeattleKim commented on Matthew Vines Makes a Biblical Case for Same-Sex Relationships.
Historically speaking, prejudice against gays was a cultural change that got incorporated into the Church. Things are just finally coming around full circle. We have a long way to go but there is progress. The ultimate goal of Christianity is supposed to be self improvement and support/love for others. If that actually happened more often, this really would be a better place to live.
May 23 SeattleKim commented on Shit Straight Dudes Say to Gay Dudes.
That was way too funny to have listened to at work.
May 19 SeattleKim commented on Federal Judge Strikes Down Oregon's Ban On Same-Sex Marriage.
Congratulations Oregon! 18 and counting. Instead of a reality show about how many babies a woman can produce, we should have a reality show about each state's journey into equality!

I wonder if SeattleBlues has the blues? Oh, yeah. I guess he does.
May 19 SeattleKim commented on Who's Gonna Win the Stanley Cup?.
I hate the Blackhawks. While the Kings are one step above them, I have no love for them either. I am rooting for the Rangers, mostly because of Lundqvist. But deep down, I think the Kings are going to take it again. But I will be happy if either NY or the HABs get the Cup.
May 14 SeattleKim commented on The Great Facebook Kiss-In.
@10, I think any same sex kissing would work, even if it was for comedy. I vote that you use what you have.
May 14 SeattleKim commented on The Great Facebook Kiss-In.
Hi Dan,
If you give us a pic of you and Terry kissing, I'll make it my twitter pic. I bet lots of other people will too.

May 9 SeattleKim commented on SL Letter of the Day: Man of Mystery.
@6, great minds and all that. ;)

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