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October 14, 1999

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MEETING OF THE MINDS... AND BODS! Wallingford's Honey Bear Bakery is still reeling from the Wed 10/6 summit between fitness guru Susan Powter ("Sue" to her friends) and TV's cutest anchor -- Q13's Ron Corning. Natch, Sue ADORES Ron; she offered to buy the coffee, but when he ordered a latte she blabbed, "What? You want dairy? Do you want your kidneys to fill up with mucus? Do you want cancer?" Suitably cowed, Ron found his soy latte to be delicious. ··· Chad notes, "Sue's crazy about the F-word -- fuckin' this, fuckin' that. And she told Ron he was dickin' around in Seattle, that he needed to go L.A." "The Captain's Wife" adds, "When the conversation turned to diet drugs, Sue started waving her arms in the air, proclaiming, 'It causes explosive loose stools, sometimes so explosive you don't know when it will hit!'" -- to which Ronnie rolled his eyes, sighing, "Three people just threw up at the next table." Naturally, all the "explosive" poop was left on the cutting-room floor -- and though he found the Honey Bear encounter thrilling, Chad sighs, "On TV it was about what I expected. YAAWWWWNN!"

* * *

WHERE'S MR.X WHEN YOU NEED HIM? On Wed 10/6 Jesse sighted hunky, gay British actor/Madonna pal Rupert Everett (Golden Space Needle award winner for An Ideal Husband!)at À La Française bakery in the U-Village! He sighs, "Rupe was eating a big pink heart cookie, and wearing drab clothes -- a far cry from the dashing Rupert I saw on Regis & Kathie Lee!" ··· On Sat 10/9 Kevin spotted the freakish duo of Siegfried & Roy -- sans white tigers -- cutting the rug at the Cuff. Blond Siegfried went shirtless, while swarthy Roy wore his very long hair parted to the side. (Kevin muses, "It looked like a wig!") Don't know what they're doing here, but this isn't Seattle's first S&R sighting!

* * *

THE HORSE'S MOUTH: Paula writes, "This month's Marie Claire features Courtney Love on the cover with the straight-faced headline: "Courtney Love Solves Your Man Problems"!! That's okay, Courtney -- my man isn't THAT MUCH of a problem!

* * *

PARTY CENTRAL: At the grand opening of the W Hotel, honchos like world-famous Ballard glass artist Ginny Ruffner and arts moneybag Peter Donnelly mingled with cute dentist Dr. Brian W. R. Larsen and renowned operatic tenor Vinson Cole. Yes, the "Q13 Muppets" were in attendance. · · · So who walks into swanky club Manray a couple Fridays back, but hardcore father-son team Gary & Jake "Shasta McNasty" Busey -- and Zenon says they were doin' stuff a born-again Christian like Gary oughtn't! Marc also recently sighted Gary munching Chinese food on Broadway. The elder Busey's latest TV movie, Best Actress -- filming in Vancouver -- wrapped on 10/6!

* * *

FOR YOUR AMUSEMENT: Shop early, shop often at Aeon Gallery's Garage Sale, Fri-Sat 10/15-16, 9 am-1 pm, 1510 12th Ave on Capitol Hill. Goodies galore, and it's a benefit! · · · Of course, no TTS reader would want to miss "Coming out of Homosexuality Day," Sat 10/16, 1-3 pm, at Westlake Park. Oddly, Metanoia Ministries (783-3500) feels it's important to stage a rally "promoting heterosexuality." I guess there's not enough of that in the world.... Odder still, the Seattle Times (464-3141) felt it was appropriate to include this event in their "Religion Digest" Sat 10/9.

Socialize, my pretties! Then come cry on my shoulder.

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