Strangercrombie 2010: The Stranger's Annual Holiday Gift Auction

Da Artz Thea-tray


Donated by Seattle Opera / On the Boards / ArtsWest / Century Ballroom / Intiman Theatre

Fact: Despite all the bitching and trash-talking endemic to any lively arts scene, Seattle has one of the richest theater communities in the country. Check it out with this guide to Seattle performance: four tickets to the Stranger Genius Award-winning theater On the Boards (to be combined or split up however you like), two tickets to the March 6 performance of Don Quixote by goateed Frenchy Jules Massenet at Seattle Opera, two tickets to any show in Intiman Theatre's 2011 season (Sun-Thurs only), the same offer from Seattle Repertory Theatre (also Sun-Thurs), two tickets to any main-stage show at ArtsWest in West Seattle, and two tickets to one of the January cabarets at the Century Ballroom on Capitol Hill. Plus a show with The Stranger's longtime—and much-maligned!—theater editor, Brendan Kiley. (See the print version of the Strangercrombie catalog for complete details.)

Closed at $311.00

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Strangercrombie is The Stranger's annual merry-making, charity-fundraising holiday auction. Read more »

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