Strangercrombie 2010: The Stranger's Annual Holiday Gift Auction

Magical Strangercrombie Days And Dates A Sexy Hopvine-and-Movies Date

A Sexy Hopvine-and-Movies Date

Donated by Landmark Theaters / Babeland / Cleis Press / Hopvine Pub

The food at the Hopvine on 15th Avenue East is so good, you may want to fuck it. WHICH YOU CAN NOW DO! You get $50 of food and beer at Hopvine and it comes with the Strap-On Seductions kit from Babeland (an Aslan Jock O leather harness, a Tantus vibrating silicone dildo, Babeland Naked organic lube, Babelicious flavored lube, an Emotional Bliss rechargeable vibrator, and two tickets to any 2011 Babeland workshop). Get inspired with a mini-pile of erotica from Cleis Press, including some how-to books about kissing, cunnilingus, and fellatio (and, perhaps, food-fucking). But before you get down to business, why not take a post-dinner trip to the movies? Landmark Theaters has donated four VIP movie passes; use two tonight and save two for a rainy day!

Closed at $274.00

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