Bootsy Holler

OCCUPATION: Lead Bartender
WHERE: The People's Pub, 5429 Ballard Ave NW (Ballard), 783-6521.
WHY YOU SHOULD GO: This whole place has a charming "I've got a barn and my mom can help us with a liquor license!" feel. Whether you just staggered off a fishing boat with a hankering for kielbasa, or you're simply looking for a new spot to hunker down and get hammered with friends, the People's Pub is cooking up a plate of fried pickles just for you.

How did you end up working in this joint?

The owner, John [Norris], and I are friends from back East--we've known each other for about 12 years. When he came up with this idea of opening a bar, I told him that if he made it happen, I'd have to be the bartender.

What was it before it became the People's Pub?

Just another old fisherman's bar.

How would you describe this décor?

It's comfortable in here. It reminds me of a den. The other owner, Drew [Kondik], says that this is a real bartender's bar. Also, he didn't want our customers to get all bent over from drinking here after 10 years, so he made the bar high enough so that you don't have to slouch to drink.

Those sure are some interesting paintings on the walls.

Yeah, we'll always show local artists here and on our website []. The website is great. It's got the food list, the drink list--it's got everything. We'll have rotating taps, and people can vote online or in the bar for what beer they want.

The name "People's Pub" and this voting thing implies a socialist agenda.

I named it! We were all sitting around talking about this bar in Virginia, which is where we're all from. It's this little joint where everybody, no matter what they had going on or who they were--they felt comfortable. We want the People's Pub to be the same way. When you walk in here, you know you're walking into your bar.

How did you learn that "spin the bottle around" bartender trick?

I was bored.

Have you ever broken one?

Not yet. But I'm trying.