"Pig Face” needs better friends. Plus-size Becky (Rebel Wilson), who suffered that unfortunate nickname in high school, has grown up and met the handsome man she’s now planning to marry. To fill out her bridal party, she calls up her oldest and most terrible girlfriends, the “B Faces,” as they, too, were collectively known in school. Regan (Kirsten Dunst) is the tight-lipped overachiever voted most likely to succeed. Katie (Isla Fisher) is the bubbly airhead who dreams of the day she will no longer work in retail. Gena (Lizzy Caplan) is the self-hating stoner with a grudge. The one thing they have in common is they are all terrible, terrible friends to Becky (reminder: They called her Pig Face), yet somehow they’re all hell-bent on pretending otherwise. Actually, they all have two things in common! The other thing is that they like cocaine.

After a squeal-filled reunion, a couple of awful rehearsal-dinner speeches, and a disastrous bachelorette party, the B Faces begin to truly manifest the full potential of their horridness, destroying the wedding dress in a mean-spirited, drunk, and zooted attempt to document the fact that both Regan and Katie can fit into it at once. This sets up the booze-fueled adventure that is the film’s bulk, complete with nosebleeds, strippers, and casual sexual encounters. It’s hard to resist seeing how raunchy Bachelorette is willing go. As unlikable as its characters are, the plot is rarely uneventful, even if the entire film probably significantly sets back the welfare of womanhood. Comparisons to Bridesmaids are inevitable, but the salient difference between them is that Bridesmaids had heart and believability in its relationships, while nobody would ever actually want to be friends with anyone in Bachelorette—to the vast relief of brides everywhere. recommended