Black Coffee Co-op (Capitol Hill)

501 E Pine St
Seattle, WA 98122
(347) 541-8694

Black Coffee Co-op is "a worker’s cooperative that operates a cafe, community space & infoshop," with coffee, vegan food, and a selection of literature for sale. It's "a non-hierarchical workplace, where we have at least greater control of the application of our labor, and the pains of worker-exploitation are reduced," and a "'Safer-space,' for those who don’t feel safe or welcome in public. This safer-space also extends to those who are concerned about repression of their political organizing efforts." In a more concrete mode, it's also "a physical space for events, meetings, or just drinking a brew with comrades."
Categories: Cafe, Restaurant

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  • Happy Hour: Daily 8 pm-1 am ($3 micros and cider, and $.50 off pastries).
  • Features: Happy Hour
  • Price Range: $

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Black Coffee Co-op
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