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What Owners Timothy Czarnetzki and David Powell of Urban Family Public House Will Do for Beer

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Urban Family is a comfortable new Ballard pub brought to you by some genuine grade-A beer nerds.

How many types of beer do you consume in the average week?

Tim: I taste 35 or 40.

Dave: I'd say 15, but mine are larger samples.

Which of your beers has the most unusual brewing process?

T: Something barrel-aged. About a month ago, we had something aged with wine musk.

You plan to start brewing your own beer—have any of your prototypes burst into flames or unexpectedly cured diseases?

D: We made one with Theo chocolate and smoked salmon in it.

T: I'm very sensitive to caffeine, so I literally danced around the apartment, and not happily.

What was the first beer you ever tried?

D: Probably Budweiser.

T: Once a salesman came through town who looked old enough to buy beer, though he was 18. My friends gave him a jar of pennies and he bought us a 12-pack of Schlitz.

Was Urban Family actually conceived of on a ratty couch in the yard of your former Washington, DC, residence?

T: One hundred percent!

D: We'd drag it out every Sunday and sit drinking beer with our friends. Many stories came out of that—this was just the best one. recommended

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