FRI–SAT 4/1–2


Portland's famous Famous Mysterious Actor Show came to Bumbershoot this past year, and I wrote a blurb about it that I found very funny. Since, as you know, I am all about efficiency, let's just take a look back:

The Famous Mysterious Actor is a frightening specter. It has long hair, like a woman or a hippie. It has a high-pitched voice, like a woman or a wild bird of some kind that speaks human language. It has a thing about Pixy Stix, like most women, and it wears a mask like Eric Stoltz in Mask or Jim Carrey in Look Who's Masking Now. Or a Mexican wrestler. It is very mysterious. It comes from Portland.

Conflict of interest: I will be a guest at both of Famous Mysterious Actor's Seattle shows, and it will interview me onstage. I am frightened yet titillated. Please come. Odd Duck Studio, 8 pm, $10.