Wednesday 10/26


London producer/DJ Derwin Panda (real name, apparently) is another stud in the Ghostly International label's loaded stable. His predominant MO is to float pastel, gauzy melodies and ripe, exotic textures over danceable beats somewhere between hiphop and house tempos. If you're into Neon Indian, HEALTH, Baths, and Toro Y Moi, you should find some space in your iPod for Gold Panda. By the way, his DJ-Kicks mix (out November 8 on !K7) is an eclectic dive into electronic excellence. On various YouTube videos, Portland's Natasha Kmeto sings like a pro diva over arresting, sensual dance tracks that just skirt cheesiness. But go to her website and play her Beyond the Veil instrumental mix and discover a deeper, more interesting side. Now we understand why Decibel booked her this year. With Nordic Soul. Crocodile, 8 pm, $12 adv, 21+.


SBTRKT is a London-based purveyor of that emerging stylistic niche that melds post-dubstep production foundations with soulful, orchestral pop. Unlike his sonic peer James Blake, SBTRKT prefers anonymity; note the tribal-masked portrait on his 2011 SBTRKT album. Accentuating textural, melodic, and structural subtleties while avoiding brostep's in-your-face woob-woobs and whomp-whomps, much of SBTRKT's work sounds like long-lost '90s British atmospheric mope rockers Bark Psychosis and Disco Inferno refitted for 21st-century club specifications. This is a good thing. SBTRKT imbues his tracks with deep, sympathetic feelings for the adults. With New Look. Neptune Theatre, 8 pm, $14, all ages.

Tuesday 11/1


Danish producer Anders Trentemøller is back in Seattle for the second time this year, again with a full band backing him. He's another in a line of understated Scandinavian techno/house artists whose tracks can gradually billow into heavy, rock-like melodrama at the click of a mouse. (Exciting!) Anyone enamored of post–OK Computer Radiohead also will likely swoon to Trentemøller's panoramic orchestrations and morose melodic flourishes. It's going to get very cøøl in the Showbox tonight. With Nordic Soul. Showbox at the Market, 6:30 pm, $18 adv/$23 DOS, 21+.