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Eli Sanders is an associate editor at The Stranger. His personal website is

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  • Street Eats

    Dept. of Details We Failed to Disclose About Eli Sanders' Personal Life

    What This Intrepid Journalist Forgot to Mention in His Hard-Hitting AIDS Reporting: He Really, Really Likes Gay Sex
    Posted on 12/24/2003
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    Cut Off

    Gay City Loses Public HIV Funding
    Posted on 11/20/2003
  • News

    No Defense

    Community leaders, gay and straight, are calling on gay men to act responsibly. Meanwhile, Gay City's leader refuses to sign a community health manifesto--and continues to defend the indefensible "Murder."
    Posted on 10/23/2003
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    Seattle Skid Marks

    Boston Bike Messenger Delivers the Bad News
    Posted on 09/18/2003
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    The Cycle Messenger World Championships Come to Seattle
    Posted on 09/11/2003
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    DIY Gay Health Campaigns

    Informative and Useful HIV Prevention Messages Coming Soon to a Telephone Pole Near You
    Posted on 07/31/2003
  • News

    We're Not Getting Serious

    The new HIV/AIDS prevention campaign from Lifelong AIDS Alliance continues to miss the mark.
    Posted on 07/10/2003
  • Street Eats

    Appropriate Our Community Leaders

    They're Docile, They're Well-Intentioned, and They're Yours for the Taking
    Posted on 06/26/2003
  • News

    To Tell the Truth

    ELI SANDERS responds to Gay City Health Project’s Fred Swanson.
    Posted on 06/19/2003
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    Thought Police

    Gay Newspaper Kills Critical Stories
    Posted on 06/19/2003
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    Political Epidemic

    Public Health, Gay Press Play It Safe
    Posted on 06/12/2003
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    The Immoral Minority

    Posted on 06/05/2003
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    Was This House Worth Her Life?

    ELI SANDERS reports from the Gaza Strip on the death of Olympia's Rachel Corrie--Evergreen student, anarchist, activist, and accidental martyr.
    Posted on 04/03/2003

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