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Fallen Angels

Thurs-Sat at 8 pm. Through Dec 15. This event has passed.   |   $15-$23 Theater Schmeater, 2125 3rd Ave, 206-324-5801
"This Noël Coward comedy belongs to its women—two pretty wives and a know-it-all maid—who scheme and dream while the naive husbands are off golfing. The wives (Marianna de Fazio and Sara Trowbridge) realize a mutual paramour, a romantic Frenchman, is coming to town and work themselves into a lather. They briefly wrestle with their morals (should they commit adultery?) then each other (who will get to commit adultery first?) while drinking themselves silly. Fallen Angels is not a revelation, but it has splendid poise." (Brendan Kiley)

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Theater Schmeater

2125 3rd Ave
Seattle, WA, 98121 (Belltown)
(206) 324-5801