There was going to be an article in this issue all about Genius Juice. This wine is a blend of cabernet (45 percent), syrah (45 percent), and mourvedre (10 percent) made by Sparkman Cellars, a Woodinville winery that has a solid and growing reputation. The first vintage of Genius Juice got five different labels, each telling the story of a different Genius Award winner: the artist Jeffry Mitchell, the writer Rebecca Brown, the musical group Shabazz Palaces, the filmmaker Lynn Shelton, and the performance venue On the Boards.

We were planning to tell you to buy some, actually, and not just because that case of Lynn Shelton sure would go great at your Oscar party whenever she becomes the second woman director ever to win best picture. No, we were going to tell you to buy some because the sale of Genius Juice fully funds the $5,000 Genius Award in visual art this year. But it turns out that 25 cases of wine can sell pretty fast. Like, um, all of it was gone by the day after it was bottled. If you are already sad about missing it, get happy—we'll make some next year. (If you want to find out about it before it sells out next year, e-mail And if you weren't one of the lucky ones who got their hands on some, well, here's the good news: The Genius Award in visual art this year is fully funded. Join us for the Genius Awards on September 22 at the Moore Theater to see which amazing visual artist wins all that sweet, sweet wine money. recommended