God Bless America: A Blood-Soaked Satire for the Whole Family

God Bless America: A Blood-Soaked Satire for the Whole Family

GOD BLESS AMERICA Starts with skeet-shooting a baby!

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For a movie that opens by skeet-shooting a baby, writer-director Bobcat Gold­thwait's God Bless America proves surprisingly smart, funny, and satisfying, if in a reprehensibly sick sort of way.

Divorced, depressed, suffering from migraines, and tormented by the boorish, loud, daily degradations of reality TV and reality in general, Frank (sympathetically played by Bill Murray's younger brother Joel) is at the end of his tether. After losing his dead-end job and learning he has a brain tumor, a despondent Frank is about to eat his own gun when he is suddenly inspired to make a final parting gesture: the murder of a particularly obnoxious reality-TV star.

"Awesome!" declares the adorably sociopathic Roxy (18-year-old Tara Lynne Barr) at the sloppy killing of her TV-star classmate. Frank and Roxy soon set out on a cross- country shooting spree, an unlikely Bonnie and Clyde–like duo casually ridding America of its many rude, insufferable assholes.

Of course, the joke is on the audience. Goldthwait has us rooting for serial killers who take aim at exactly the kind of debased culture that produces an audience capable of rooting for serial killers. "Why have a civilization if we're no longer interested in being civilized?" Frank asks rhetorically.

It's gratuitously bloody, sure, and a strong opening 30 minutes eventually meanders into a somewhat repetitive road flick, but there's an undeniable vicarious pleasure in watching Frank and Roxy dispatch with an equal degree of detached irony both a Glenn Beck–ish hate-talker and the dick who insists on taking up two spots in a crowded parking lot. (Fair warning: I screened God Bless America before our recent spate of senseless gun violence. So given current events, no doubt some Seattle moviegoers will find it neither funny nor cathartic.) recommended


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Cascadian Bacon 1
"Ridding America of its many rude, insufferable assholes."

Oh no, Goldy, you better watch out.
Posted by Cascadian Bacon on June 29, 2012 at 4:18 PM · Report this
Keister Button 2
I anticipated this for MONTHS. I saw this on Friday night, and during one scene in which a character knocked down bar stools to avoid being murdered, I felt compelled to walk out, denied my moments of catharsis and humour. I don't think any of us laughed at that bit.

This film was not satisfying: it suffers from sloppy sound editing, and poor acting from one principal cast member. When she spoke, the scenery seemed more interesting. Frank's deliveries are more like soliloquies and his last face-the-camera speech was reminiscent of "The Great Dictator", although not on the same level of humanity (what do you expect from someone on a killing spree?), and lacking in passion.

I did like my fellow audience members: same age, some of them were reading, not texting, before the movie, wondering why Spike seasoning could not be offered by SIFF Cinema Uptown...
Posted by Keister Button on June 30, 2012 at 4:44 PM · Report this
"..has us rooting for serial killers who take aim at exactly the kind of debased culture that produces an audience capable of rooting for serial killers."

This took me a few minutes of reflection...pretty profound, there Goldy.

(But cut out the bullcrap on that stadium!!!!)

But what's with the stooge with the horsey sweater? Does he happen to be related to a deceased engineer at Boeing?

I remember first hearing of that horrible event --- the Boeing engineer screwed to death by a horse --- at first they didn't mention his company or occupation -- but upon hearing it I immediately bet my neighbors it was a Boeing engineer!

Same company that has that subsidiary, Narus --- helping to track down pro-democracy activists in China, Bahrain, Syria, and elsewhere, for execution and torture.

Also has that subsidiary, Extreme Rendition Airlines, a k a Jeppesen Dataplan --- oh, but wait, they also have one of those subsidiaries in Goteborg, Sweden, which is exactly where they want to extradite Wikileaks' Julian Assange to, not to Stockholm as one would imagine????????

No wonder Swedish government refuses to respond to Assange's request that they promise no extradition to America, while claiming only to want him for "questioning."

Hmmm....same country where the corporation, SKF, sold ball bearings to Nazis in WWII, so they could then invade and occupy Sweden --- not real bright . . . . not real moral????

Must listen to interview on Wikileaks' Assange and extradition from former FBI SAC and whistleblower, Ms. Rowley:…
Posted by sgt_doom on July 2, 2012 at 4:51 PM · Report this

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