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Grant Brissey has been writing for the Stranger—either on the staff or freelance—for almost a decade. In that time, he's covered everything from hard news and technology, to music, film, and visual arts.

Grant's work has also appeared at Geekwire, and in Billboard, Portland Mercury, San Francisco Weekly, San Francisco Bay Guardian, and the Seattle Weekly. He currently lives in the Green Lake neighborhood of Seattle and writes about dang near anything. He also does nerdy web site stuff, has played drums in multiple unsuccessful garage-rock bands, and runs

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    Party Crasher

    So Long, Four Loko
    Posted on 11/18/2010
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    Party Crasher

    Seared Animal Flesh at a Coffee-Industry Party
    Posted on 10/01/2009
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    Party Crasher

    The Call of Cthulhu and Other Weird Stories
    Posted on 09/25/2008

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