Steven Weissman

To the LaRouchie asshats set up outside of the Ballard Post Office (as well as anyone else who puts an Obama/Hitler poster in my face): I'm not sure which shows greater ignorance and delusion, your comparison of a mandate for universal health care to the slaughter of millions or the fact that you knowingly make this outrageous and incendiary comparison because you think it will bring a bigger following to your cause. I won't speak for the rest of the Tribe, but as a Jew who lost more than half my family line to the Nazis, I cannot begin to describe the outrage I feel when I walk past you. My 200-pound frame tenses, fists clenched in my jacket pockets, aching to beat you senseless. Two-decades-plus of martial-arts practice points out targets for quick, painful takedowns. When you try to make small talk, it's all I can do to keep staring forward, since I'm sure the smallest investment of attention in your direction would likely end up with me in jail. Please go suck a supersize bag of donkey dicks. Thank you.