Here's the skinny: My best friend in the entire world is addicted to meth. Now, I want you to picture a "drug addict." What's the first few things you think of? If you said something along the lines of cracked out, homeless, and begging for change in the parking lot of a fast-food restaurant on skid row, then you are closed-minded and shallow as fuck. I am sick and tired of hearing you and your friends talk about meth, heroin, and any hard drug like it's some sort of joke. I actually overheard some of you assholes while you scrolled through your Facebook news feed make some comment about a photograph of one of your friends. You said something along the lines of "Man, you look so CRACKED OUT! You look insane! Are you on METH, dude?" and all of you laughed like it was the funniest thing in the world. Who are you, Dane Cook? My best friend, among others, is not some sideshow freak. He doesn't rob liquor stores for drug money and he's not prostituting himself for his next high. In fact, he's a highly functioning member of society with an income, a place to live, and an intelligence that some of you low-life douchebags ought to strive for. Just as feminists preach that rape is not a funny joke, I'm trying to say that drug addiction isn't either. Stop making my friend the butt of your jokes before I make you the reason I'm on death row.