As a longtime reader, I am concerned about the future of this column. A number of recent editions have included such content as death wishes, threats of murder, and other abhorrent forms of restitution. While this column is a forum for anonymous authors to vent their frustrations, threats against the lives and liberties of others are not healthy, entertaining, or called for.

The punishments proposed in these recent articles do not fit the crimes. For example, making jokes about people who suffer from addiction is, agreeably, ignorant and in poor form, but does it constitute retaliation by way of murder? Sure, stepping outside of one's marriage and family, if done in malice and/or deceit, is unethical and lowbrow, but is that action cause to wish harm to that person, and as follows, their family? Of course not. Nor do I believe these threats are more than attempts to color prose and "sell" a piece. Contemplate the implications of this truth. Authors and The Stranger, you are in a unique and influential position. Be more evolved than our barbaric forefathers. Please don't contribute to the kind of media that fuels the violent delusions of its consumers.