You felt entitled enough to let me know that "I was endangering my child's life" by crossing a quiet side street next to QFC when it wasn't a walk sign (the sign is tilted just enough so you can't actually see it anyway, I've always just gone when it's safe). I informed you that I felt like I waited until it was safe and that I couldn't see the sign anyway, to which you responded, "They should take that child away from you." If crossing the street when it's not a walk sign is a reason to take a child from someone, I'd guess about 95 percent of parents would have their parenthood revoked. I've seen 5-year-olds still sucking on binkies, car seats in the front seat of cars with the windows rolled up while the mom is smoking, and worse. But you know what? I didn't say a damn word, because those aren't my children. You probably won't even read this—you seem like the kind of guy who's suffocating inside the Seattle Times' butthole rather than reading The Stranger—but I hope karma does what I had to hold myself back from doing and slaps you in the face.