Steven Weissman

My son Joseph and his girlfriend, Nicole, asked me to watch their dogs, Haley and Moose, a mother-daughter twosome, to give their landlord time to make fence repairs. They arrived a little late; they had already managed to get themselves pregnant. Mom had 10, and daughter had 12! My son and his girlfriend did great in finding homes for 20 puppies! There were two "runts" in Moose's litter, with the smaller of the two looking half the size of its siblings. The bottle-feeding we gave her saved her life, but she looked pretty homely and wasn't getting adopted. I ended up keeping both the runts—sisters. The bottle-fed runt was homely indeed, and I wanted her to feel pretty, so I named her Tiffany. Her sister I called Emma. Grown, Tiff sometimes stands as if she's posing in a Mr. Universe competition. She would stand in front of a grizzly bear for me; she'd get taken out by one swipe, but she would do it. They were born on Dale Earnhardt Sr.'s birthday: April 29. Tiff may yet see her ninth birthday; Emma will not. She was killed by a cold, selfish, no-conscience-having, chicken-shit coward hit-and-run driver. You kept going, but you were seen. Pray you are NEVER seen by me, you FUCK.