I recently heard about how you went home from the bar with a male friend of ours. This is a guy who is obviously attracted to you. You know this and have consciously/subconsciously flirted with him many times in the past despite having dated his best friend. So you went to his place and made out with him—and apparently things got too physical for you, so you stopped. Then you started making out with him again and freaked out when he tried to put his hand down your pants. Now I hear you are spreading rumors that he tried to rape you, and you will not serve him in the local hangout spot where you work. This is bullshit. YOU knew that he was attracted to you. YOU went home with him (and probably even planned to sleep over). YOU engaged in physical contact with him. I know both of you, and he would never force anyone into anything. You, on the other hand, are an attention-whoring perpetual drama victim. As someone who has been maliciously raped, your statements offend me. Stop being a dumb bitch and get over yourself.