Steven Weissman

I needed cat litter. My house was smelling like an episode of Hoarders, and I could tell that if I didn't clean the cat box soon, I would find some cat nugs on my bed. I was desperate. Weeks ago, I would've dragged my lazy ass to the store on foot and toted some litter home, but not now. Now I had a newly acquired 1994 Infiniti, and I had taken two whole lessons on driving a stick shift. I figured, heck, that's enough, and decided to unleash my shitty driving skills on an unsuspecting public. Two streets later, I was stuck at a stop sign, rolling backward and feeling like a dumbass. Desperate, I put the emergency brake on and started asking random strangers walking down the street if they knew how to drive a stick shift. You were one of those people. Your experience? Learning to drive in another country on the left side of the street. Good enough for me! Thank you so much for taking the risk and driving me back to my house. I know it wasn't easy and it took you out of your way. I would have offered to drive you home but, oh yeah... I DON'T KNOW HOW TO DRIVE MY FUCKING CAR. Thank you for helping a dumbass out, because you didn't have to, but you did.