Steven Weissman

You shit, you fucked it all up. I know your problems were real to you, but you didn't stay and face them. You cheated. When you killed yourself, you damned me to fucking hell—a life to be lived in an insomniac battle against the know- ledge of real horror. Don't you think that I'd rather escape this pain, too? How could you leave me alone with it? FUCK YOU, across the void. I can't forgive you now, because I can't see you. It's your fault you'll get no sympathy from me. Were you here, I'd have open, loving arms for you, as usual, despite anything that had happened. But you're gone now, the ultimate "breakup," and I'm not obliged to waste a shred of pity on you. You abandoned me, so fuck you! You thought you were hateable before you died; in fact, only you hated yourself while everyone else loved you. Now you've earned the hatred of your closest friend. Congratulations, you shit, and thanks for the memories turned to poison. recommended