Icon Grill (Downtown)

1933 Fifth Ave
Seattle, Washington 98101
(206) 441-6330

The Icon Grill is a monument to décor in the extreme: Blank wall space is nonexistent, and innumerable shelves hold globes and candy dishes and baskets and lamps, always lamps. The kitchen makes upscale standards, with just-okay results and maybe-higher-than-you'd-like prices, taglined "Aroused Americana Cooking." It's popular with the out-of-town and business set, for what that's worth.
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Bar Details

  • Hours: Mon-Thurs 11:30 am-11:45 pm, Fri 11:30 am-12:45 am, Sat 5 pm-12:45 am, 5 pm-11:45 pm
  • Happy Hour: Mon-Thu, Sun 9-11 pm ($1 off wells and micros, $2 PBR tall cans and Rainier drafts, $5-$8 happy hour food specials); Daily 3-6 pm ($4 drafts, $7 specialty cocktails, $7 house wine, $5-$10 food specials).
  • Features: Full Menu and Happy Hour

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  • 2.50000/5 Stars.
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everything is swimming in goo...

Every item on this menu is covered in "roquefort sauce" or "melted bleu cheese"...or the worst, the "blackstrap sauce" for the meatloaf which is mostly molasses and sickly sweet. One of my clients told me they are owned by the same company as Appleby's which explains the heavy handed menu. Don't waste your money here!! Ask a local for a delicious place to eat downtown!
Posted by noodle68 on November 14, 2011 at 8:47 PM · Report this

Like a Party Dream in my mouth!

This under appreciated place is tucked away under the monorail on fifth avenue with the occasional "whoosh" of the train going by. Their happy hour is spectacular- I would HIGHLY recommend the bartender's Margarita, the chicken fingers, wedge salad, cajun penne with chicken, and regardless of what other reviews have said, the meatloaf with molasses gravy is exquisite! Apple pie or the super sundae for dessert... The servers are friendly and efficient and the atmosphere is dream-like with blown glass sculptures and mood lighting! Drinks range from $5.50 for happy hour cocktails to $9 but are creative and tasty. Check out the bathrooms with the best videos west of the Mississippi! If you feel like a spin through Wonderland... go there!
Posted by shoebugger on April 17, 2011 at 5:37 PM · Report this

Decent food, GREAT staff

I love the people at Icon Grill very much. And I love their fun little touches (the restrooms play videos...1950's dating advice for ladies, and fire hydrants/waterfalls/etc for the guys, or so I am told). The food is a bit on the expensive side, and the wonderful Palace Kitchen is right across the street. That being said, the food has always been decent, and the dining experience lovely (TOTALLY agree that their ice cream sundae is an AMAZING experience, and a MUST to finish any meal...and yes, you should share it. yikes!). While the menu is not always vegan-friendly, the staff and chef have always been wonderfully accommodating when we're dining with our vegan friends (the Chef even came out once to see how his invented pasta dish was received). Thanks for always taking great care of us!
Posted by Tracy on May 12, 2008 at 2:03 PM · Report this

Bugs Hair!

I went here with a few friends before a show at the Cinerama, and from the moment we stepped in I felt like something was off. My friends were also weirded out by the hodegpodge of styles going on, and the Dave Matthews playing (ugh), but we stayed since we were only there for a quick appetizer. My friend and I ordered the same salad (grilled pears/wild greens) and shared a pizza margarhita. When my salad arrived, I took one bite, and noticed a long dark hair coiled around a pear. We flagged the waiter and he kindly took it back. When the second one came, I was relieved- having only eaten carbs all day, I needed some greens. Again, one bite of a pear (which kinda grossly tasted like steak) and out crawled.....a WEEVIL! It sort of struggled over the edge of the plate, and died in a small puddle of vinagrette a few insect-steps away. I was horrified. It's bad enough to have ONE of these instances happen to you while dining out...but two? I lost my appetite, as did my friend, and both of our salads were taken away. The waiter was kind throughout, and comped our pizza/salads, but I think he could have windexed the table after the dead bug (it was big). Anyway, none of us will ever go back there!
Posted by Renee on October 12, 2007 at 4:23 PM · Report this


Everything about The Icon Grill is absurd. From the overly pink and glass decor, to the overly priced piss poor food. The bartenders are good and the drinks small. It seems the inside joke is that even the staff knows to not eat here. Every dish is just over the top and redundant. Do not eat the meatloaf. It seems like it just sits around waiting to be cooked and then reused in other dishes when it is not. This place is lost in an identity crisis.
Posted by redtaped on August 17, 2007 at 3:45 AM · Report this

Skip the meal and have a Sundae

Watch out because the Sundae here is obscene. It is huge. You really should share it (I didn't and don't regret it). It takes a couple of trips to serve it because a waiter lugs it to the table and then comes back with bowls of things to dump on top. Here's how it all happens. The waiter comes with a crispy edible bowl filled with ice cream in one hand and a sugar cone filled with melted fudge in the other. He puts down the bowl and breaks of the bottom of the cone letting the fudge pour onto the ice cream. Then he puts down the cone and as it dries into a chocalte coated cookie he goes and gets the bowls... He returns with fresh whipped cream, chocolate chip cookies cubes, nuts... and I don't know what else. I had it all. Don't eat for a week and go there for a Sundae. Make sure it's late so you pretty much have the place to yourself. Don't know how to rate the place because I'd give their sundae a five and their food a 1 - ah, I'll split the difference.
Posted by Charles on May 28, 2007 at 7:56 AM · Report this

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Icon Grill
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