MONDAY, JANUARY 20 This week of busted shitheads, deadly sibling rivalry, and near-daily shootings kicks off with Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the national holiday commemorating the life and legacy of the titular human rights hero. To celebrate, Solomon Georgio—the LA-based comedian who previously spent a good stretch of years in Seattle, during which he was a perennial star of the Stranger Gong Show—spent the day engaged in some MLK-inspired social media activism. "For MLK day, I will now search for maliciously racist tweets & tell the author that I love them," announced Georgio on Twitter before doing exactly that. A tiny, representative sampling of what transpired (asterisks are ours; original tweets are littered with full-stink N-bombs):

@marilyn_misery: "In honor of MLK day I'm not gonna shower so I stink like a n****r."

@solomongeorgio: ".@marilyn_misery I assure you that I shower every day and smell quite pleasant. Regardless of that misconception, I love you."

@KennethPinyan2: "how the #fuck do #N****rs get a special day."

@solomongeorgio: ".@KennethPinyan2 I like to think that MLK day is a day for everyone, I'm sorry you feel otherwise. I still love you."

As Lindy West noted at Jezebel, "The responses ranged from bewildered ('I love you to') to incredulous ('What the fuck') to idiotic ('to me, that word has no skin color attached to it') to the sort-of-repentant ('loool im sorry man just a joke. I love you too')... It's not that these pieces of shit deserve civility... But it's really refreshing to see how effective the high road can be once in a while." Thank you, Solomon Georgio, with supplementary thanks to the commenters on West's Jezebel piece, who supplied this rich mini-dialogue in response to Georgio's love quest:

"Seems like a strange approach i wonder if it would work on large scale."

"Seemed to work for Jesus."

"Pretty sure he ended up crucified actually."

TUESDAY, JANUARY 21 As regular readers are aware, Last Days often reports stories in which people kill other people with guns. As today's item makes clear, sometimes people also kill other people with knives. Our setting: Mundelein, Illinois, a small town outside Chicago where this morning police received a 911 call from a 14-year-old girl, who told emergency dispatchers that an intruder had broken into her home, attacked her younger sister, then fled. "Police found the 11-year-old girl unconscious and in need of medical attention in an upstairs bedroom of the dwelling," reports CNN. "She later died." With an alleged attacker on the loose, area schools were immediately placed on lockdown, but soon the story became simultaneously simpler and much more complicated. "The teen's story unraveled quickly," reports CNN. "Under police questioning, she admitted to the attack," which reportedly involved the 14-year-old stabbing her 11-year-old half sister repeatedly with a kitchen knife. "The teen told police she was mad that her sister didn't appreciate all she did for her," reports CNN. "She was also angry that the 11-year-old girl had recently hit her." In closing, three more sentences from CNN: "Neighbors said the siblings seemed close. The girls were often seen playing together and practicing cheerleading routines." "The 14-year-old was arrested and was charged with murder."

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 22 In better news, the week continues in Washington, DC, where today the White House Council on Women and Girls and the Office of the Vice President announced a new initiative aimed at ending rape on college campuses. "The president says his administration is focused on ending sexual violence and will hold those schools who receive federal funding accountable for shamefully inadequate reporting procedures on campus," reports Feministing. "Vice President Biden's words were particularly moving because he framed the conversation around what we all can do, including men, to combat gender-based violence, and directly addressed victim blaming. Essentially, the Vice President is echoing the message of 'teaching men not to rape' that feminists have been saying since forever." (Today's initiative follows the 16 initiatives introduced last year to combat sexual assault in the military. Full speed ahead, please.)

THURSDAY, JANUARY 23 Nothing happened today, unless you count the arrest of kid-pop menace Justin Bieber (picked up for allegedly drag racing under the influence) or the indictments-by-federal-grand-juries of alleged revenge-porn shitbag Hunter Moore (accused of illegally hacking into computers to poach nude photos) and conservative commentator and career race-baiter Dinesh D'Souza (accused of arranging excessive campaign contributions to a US Senate candidate).

FRIDAY, JANUARY 24 The week continues with a beguiling story from the intersection of poverty and privacy in Bonita Springs, Florida, where yesterday a police deputy was dispatched to a McDonald's after someone complained about an old man sitting in his car in the parking lot, allegedly watching pornography and pleasuring himself. "Lee County Sheriff's deputies arrested Spencer Toner, 79, for allegedly masturbating in the parking lot of McDonald's," reports WINK News. "Toner reportedly told the deputy he was homeless and was living out of his car... [and] his privacy was being invaded." Will the ACLU rush to Toner's defense? For now, all we know is that he was arrested for indecent exposure in public, and his car was towed from the McDonald's parking lot.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 25 As the week draws near to its close, we pause to round up all the week's instances of ridiculous gun violence. On Monday, a student was hospitalized after being shot on campus at Pennsylvania's Widener University. On Tuesday, a student died after being shot on campus at Purdue University. On Friday, a student was fatally shot on the campus of South Carolina State University. And oh, yeah: "Last week, there were at least three other school shootings, resulting in the hospitalization of five students between the ages of 12 and 18," Adam Peck at Think Progress reminds us. "In the first 14 school days of the year, there have been at least 7 school shootings... there were 28 school shootings in all of 2013." Which brings us to today, when a gunman opened fire at a shopping mall near Baltimore, killing two people and wounding another person before killing himself. U!S!A! U!S!A!

SUNDAY, JANUARY 26 Nothing happened today, unless you count the Grammy Awards, where old, hairy white ghosts haunted the stage, French robots won big, and "Same Love" finally calcified into something gross. recommended

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