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MONDAY, JUNE 16 This week of rejected patents, arrested deputies, and the alleged intersection of "mommy blogging" and Munchausen syndrome by proxy kicks off in Seattle, where this evening brought a burst of deadly activity to the I-5 Ship Canal Bridge. As reports, the hubbub commenced just before 7 p.m., when a twentysomething man parked his truck across two lanes of freeway and set it on fire. "The guy looks insane," said a caller to 911. "He's outside of his car, and the car's on fire..." Soon came the arrival of two Washington State Patrol troopers, one of whom helped extinguish the burning truck while the other attempted to engage the freaked-out man who'd gotten out of his car. According to police, the man produced a knife and approached the trooper, who attempted to subdue him with a Taser stun gun. When the Taser failed and the man continued to advance, both troopers pulled out actual guns and shot the knife-wielding man, who was rushed to Harborview Medical Center, where he was soon pronounced dead.

•• Meanwhile on Capitol Hill, tonight brought more knife-enhanced hubbub, as just before midnight, cops arrived at an apartment to hear a man pleading, "Don't kill me! Stop stabbing me!" As KOMO reports, upon hearing the man's screams, officers knocked on the apartment's door, which was answered by a 31-year-old woman. Inside the apartment, cops found the screaming man—a 27-year-old with multiple severe stab wounds to his chest and abdomen—as well as a bloody eight-inch kitchen knife. The man was rushed to Harborview with life-threatening injuries, while the woman was booked into King County Jail for investigation of domestic-violence assault.

TUESDAY, JUNE 17 Speaking of the alleged mistreatment of alleged loved ones, the week continues in Kentucky, where a young mother who'd documented her son's persistent health problems on her mommy blog was today arrested and accused of fatally poisoning her son with sodium. "Investigators say Lacey Spears was desperate for attention and used her son as a tool to make it happen by publicly documenting his condition," reports WABC, noting that Spears's 5-year-old son died in January. "Five months ago, investigators became curious and looked into her son's death, and that's when they started gathering mountains of evidence." Driven by the belief that Spears fatally poisoned her hospitalized son by slipping dangerous amounts of sodium into his feeding tube, investigators took their findings to a grand jury, who today indicted Spears on charges of depraved murder and manslaughter, to which she pled not guilty and for which she remains held without bail.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 18 In better news, the week continues with some heroic paperwork, courtesy of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which today canceled the trademark registration on the Washington Redskins' racist team name. "The 99-page decision by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board said the team's name and logo are disparaging," reports the Washington Post. "But its effect is largely symbolic... [team owner Daniel] Snyder has steadfastly refused to consider a name change, saying the name and logo honor Native Americans." Thank you, US Patent and Trademark Office, and all the Native Americans and their allies who fought to bring attention to this issue. Once you all have a rest, please set your sights on the Cleveland Indians' astounding Chief Wahoo.

THURSDAY, JUNE 19 Nothing happened today, unless you count the National Organization for Marriage's second annual "March for Marriage," an antigay rally against marriage equality that hoped to draw tens of thousands of people to Washington, DC, but managed only a sad, deluded fraction of that.

•• Meanwhile in the State Department, officials today announced new measures in response to Uganda's criminalization of homosexuality, including, according to Towleroad, "restricting Ugandan officials' entry into the US, cutting funding to certain programs, and canceling participation in Africom military exercises."

FRIDAY, JUNE 20 In actual news, the week continues with a ridiculously high-drama story out of Western Washington, where a King County Sheriff's deputy stands accused of promoting prostitution, theft, and drugs. Details come from KIRO 7, which identifies the embattled deputy as Darrion Keith Holiwell, a 19-year veteran of the sheriff's office arrested yesterday following a host of accusations. Among the allegations against Holiwell: He allegedly stole 19,000 pounds of brass shells from a police gun range for resale, he allegedly sold steroids to members of the King County SWAT team, and he allegedly involved himself in the prostituting of his wife. The full, sordid saga was detailed yesterday at a news briefing by Sheriff John Urquhart, who was asked if he would be concerned for the safety of sheriff's office employees if Holiwell posted bond. "Yes," said Urquhart, echoing words found in court documents written by Senior Deputy Prosecutor Gary Ernsdorff: "The State also has significant concerns for the safety of the community and the witnesses who have cooperated in the investigation and whose identities will be revealed. By all accounts, the defendant is a highly skilled marksman." Holiwell remains held on $150,000 bail. Next week, Holiwell will plead not guilty.

SATURDAY, JUNE 21 Nothing happened today, unless you count a day of glorious weather, hellish traffic, and solstice-celebrating naked bicyclists in Seattle, or a day of the pope excommunicating the entire mafia from the Catholic Church in Italy.

SUNDAY, JUNE 22 The week ends with an exciting day in the world of soccer, as the United States and Portugal battled it out to a 2–2 draw in the World Cup, and Seattle soccer star Hope Solo remained jailed after allegedly assaulting her sister and 17-year-old nephew yesterday in Kirkland, Washington. "Officers responded to a 911 call for a disturbance in which a male reported that a woman would not stop 'hitting people' or leave the house," reports CNN. "At the home, officers heard a disturbance. Inside, Solo appeared 'intoxicated and upset,' the [police] statement said." Upon seeing the injuries sustained by Solo's nephew and sister, police reportedly determined that Solo was the "primary aggressor" and arrested her. For her part, Solo told police she did not attack anyone, according to, which adds, "Solo's attorney, Todd Maybrown, contends she was a victim in the family scuffle, having been hit in the head with a broom handle that night." Tomorrow, Solo will appear in Kirkland Municipal Court, where she'll plead not guilty to two counts of fourth-degree assault and will be ordered to stay away from both the alleged victims and alcohol. recommended

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