MONDAY, OCTOBER 15 This week of unwelcome forgiveness, public wanking, and deeply idiotic potheads kicks off today with "a different kind of Hot Tip," from Hot Tipper Kelly. "A mere four days after moving to Seattle—Belmont and Howell, specifically—I awoke at 4:00 this morning to the sound of gunshots. You'd have to have been deaf or dead not to notice. They were a mere 20 feet from my building. The bad news is that three people—presumably crackheads—were involved in a nonfatal shooting a few steps from my front door. The good news: Seattleites stepped up. My neighbors hit the street to help, with one young man offering up his T-shirt to tie around the victim's leg in the 40-degree weather." The moral, according to Kelly: "While guns, meth, and 4:00 a.m. wake-up calls obviously suck, it's nice to note that, in general, Seattleites do not."

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 16 The week continues with a most unexpected day for William Castillo, the 34-year-old convicted murderer scheduled to die by lethal injection yesterday in Carson City, Nevada. For the crime of beating an elderly woman, Isabelle Berndt, to death with a tire iron, Castillo spent yesterday preparing for the gallows: Two hours after being served his final meal, Castillo was slightly sedated as prison staffers prepared his route to the death chamber. But a mere 90 minutes before Castillo was to be injected into that great penal colony in the sky, the Nevada Supreme Court halted the execution, citing the forthcoming review of the constitutionality of lethal injection by the U.S. Supreme Court. At the center of the review: Reports that the three-drug injection cocktail doesn't always work as quickly as intended, subjecting inmates to excruciating pain and violating their Eighth Amendment protection against cruel and unusual punishment. As for the spared Castillo: Prison officials said he was ready to die, having declined to file appeals on his own behalf and reportedly expressing "disappointment" upon learning of his salvation. Also disappointed: two of the fatally tire-ironed woman's family members, who had planned to witness the execution. "They were hoping for some kind of closure today," said Nevada Corrections Director Howard Skolnik to the Associated Press. "Which they did not get."

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17 Today brings the most ridiculous combination of drug use and child care since that hooker snorted coke off her nursing son. The place: Detroit. The players: a 17-year-old mother and her 7-month-old child. The problem: the bag of marijuana found tucked inside the baby's clothes at the on-site day care of Max Thompson Alternative School, where the 17-year-old mother is a student. As police told Detroit's WDIV-TV, the mother dropped off her baby and proceeded to homeroom before she realized the bag of pot was still hidden in her infant's outfit. After running back to the day care, the mom told employees that she'd "forgotten something," after which the baggie was produced and police summoned. The 17-year-old mother is expected to face criminal drug charges, and has been suspended from school for 10 days.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 18 "At about 10:00 this morning I was waiting for the #49 Metro on Pine near Broadway," writes Hot Tipper Jess. "A car pulled up to the bus stop, stopping about 20 feet from me. I tried to see who was inside, but the glare made it impossible. The car started inching up the street so slowly I assumed the driver was someone waiting to pick up a friend at the Egyptian. But as the car got closer I saw an old man in the driver seat jerking off with a flowered handkerchief. As soon as he saw that I noticed, he sped off." Dear Jess: Thank you for sharing. Dear Grandpa Wanksalot: It doesn't matter if you're an actual horny senior citizen or just a lightly criminal continuation of SuttonBeresCuller's old-man act, but only assholes wank into flowered kerchiefs after Labor Day.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19 Nothing happened today, unless you count the widespread mainstream reporting of just the type of information we're forbidden to ignore in the post-Katrina era: the potentially life-disrupting water shortage in Atlanta. Details come from the Associated Press, which reports that the "epic drought" seizing the South—"extend[ing] like a dark cloud over most of Tennessee, Alabama, and the northern half of Georgia, as well as parts of North and South Carolina, Kentucky and Virginia"—is particularly acute in Atlanta, home to 5 million people and less than a three-month supply of water. Adding potential terror to the potential trouble: "So far, no real backup plan exists. Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue seems to be pinning his hopes on a two-pronged approach: urging water conservation and reducing water flowing out of federally controlled lakes. Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin said the region should explore piping in additional sources of water—possibly from the Tennessee or Savannah rivers. She even suggested desalinating seawater from Georgia's Atlantic coast. Some academics say Georgia should start using more 'purple water'—waste water that is partially treated and can be used for irrigation, fire fighting, and uses other than drinking." Tomorrow Governor Perdue will declare a state of emergency for the northern third of Georgia and ask President Bush to declare it a major disaster area. Perdue will also ask the president to exempt Georgia from complying with federal regulations that dictate the amount of water released from Georgia's reservoirs to protect federally protected mussel species downstream. "We need to cut through the tangle of unnecessary bureaucracy to manage our resources prudently," said Governor Perdue to the AP, "so that in the long term, all species may have access to life-sustaining water." Stay tuned.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20 The week continues with the Watchmen on the Walls' antigay conference at the Lynnwood Convention Center, which Last Days fretted over last week and Hot Tipper Sid attended today. "Such blatant bigotry has always held a certain morbid fascination for me," writes Sid, "so I made the drive to the Lynnwood Convention Center to have a look. After sitting through a string of lengthy introductions, a self-congratulatory group prayer, and a few songs by one of the worst Christian rock bands I've ever had the misfortune to hear, the first speaker approached the podium. I think he was the founder. Highlights of his speech included the comparison of homosexuals with alcoholics and the belief that most gay-friendly journalists are probably in fact secretly gay themselves. There was an unusually high police presence, which I found reassuring, for once. And despite the Watchmen's claim that they would draw 500–700 people, I counted about 100 at most." Thanks to Hot Tipper Sid for making the drive and filing his report, and special thanks to all the peaceful protesters for doing the right thing the right way.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21 Nothing happened today. recommended

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