You poor dear. You arrived at the Capitol Hill Block Party early. You saw a band, had fun looking at the crap for sale, maybe had a beer. But now? The next band you love doesn't come on for a while; it's hot, you're sleepy, you're surrounded by sweat-slathered people, and you're thinking of bailing.

Buck up, fucker.

You just need to take a break from the crowds, the noise, and the standing up. You may have to leave; you just need to come back. Go be enchanted by one of the wondrous (quiet) places just outside those fences, and return renewed. Here's a handy guide to the few blocks to your east, west, north, and south:

Sit in a Chair (and Drink!): Doesn't that sound nice? Walk one block west to Rosebud (1), where open arms await in the form of a lovely patio and a cocktail. Chat with your companions in the shade at a reasonable volume. For a more sporty time, walk south to the bar called Auto Battery (2) for a hot dog. Are you The Gay? If you're a hipster homosexual, consider visiting the patio at Pony (3). On the other hand, if you're an American Eagle homosexual, enjoy the dive-bar Americana of Madison Pub (4).

Lie on Your Back (and Smoke Pot!): Doesn't that sound even nicer? Cal Anderson Park (5) is less than one block north. Now, marijuana possession is illegal and you should never, ever possess it. However, it's also the city's lowest law-­enforcement priority, and even if the cops do stop you, Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes refuses to prosecute marijuana possession cases.

Drink Warm Liquor (and Get Drunk!): This sounds gross, but these are drastic times. The liquor store (6) and park are one block away. Our attorneys require us to inform you that drinking in the park is illegal and punishable by a ticket (but discreet drinkers are said to find it extremely rewarding).

Consume Energy: Move over, crack cocaine—those 5-Hour Energy drinks are cheap and legal. Get one at QFC (7). Also: $4 premade deli sandwiches, chilled fruit juices, and air conditioning.

Go to the Bathhouse and Have Anonymous Meth Sex: Don't do this.

Have a Nice Meal: Maybe you want something a little more high-rent than fair fare? Over on 12th and Madison you'll find Cafe Presse (8), a French place with wine by the pitcher, a full bar, meats and cheeses with bread, and a damn fine steak tartare.

Have a Cheap Meal: Cheap food is the spice of life. Some of the best cheap food in the area can be found at Tangerine Tree (9), a Vietnamese Place above the QFC. There's also sushi on a conveyer belt at Genki Sushi (10), outmotherfuckingstanding tacos at Rancho Bravo (11), more cheese than 12 Wisconsins at Bill's Off Broadway (12), and build-your-own frozen yogurt at Yogurtland (13).

Find God: He's right over there. Capitol Hill's very own Jesuit school, Seattle University, is just a couple blocks south. The chapel is designed to inspire reflection, while the landscaped lawns are divine for drinking things and smoking things. Sweet Jesus. recommended