• On November 2, Steven Spielberg was seen participating in a poetry workshop held by David Whyte on Bainbridge Island. Whyte is described as a "change-agent" who uses poetry to "bring to life the experience of change itself." Is Spielberg not happy with the way things are going?

• Stranger Genius Award–winning author Ellen Forney's graphic memoir Marbles is number four on the November 25 New York Times best-seller list of graphic books! Holy crap. What did Forney do to celebrate? "My agent sent me a bottle of champagne. A nice one, too. Veuvre something?"

• First, Seattle lost Tristan Devin, the comedian, and now Andrea Allen, who passed away in her sleep on November 14 after a long struggle with cancer. Allen was a company member of Annex for a decade and its artistic director for two years. She'd been with Seattle Rep for almost 20 years, serving as its director of education while also writing and directing plays. Condolences to everyone, especially her husband (designer Matthew Smucker), her twin boys, and the rest of the family.

Meanwhile, a last tweet by the late Devin quipped that he'd like his ashes to be scattered in the fountain from Friends. That fountain, reportedly, exists only on a studio lot—a friend checked it out. But it's a good joke, and one that makes us both sad all over again and grateful for the time we had as his audience.

• My Ballard reports that Twice Sold Tales and Bauhaus Coffee will open a shared space where neat old bookstore Epilogue Books used to be. After what feels like way too many bookstore closings, this is welcome news, and we look forward to losing entire afternoons in the new store.

• Speaking of: Rumors are swirling that Capitol Hill's Half Price Books may be on the verge of closing. We've been hearing rumors about Capitol Hill's Half Price Books closing for years, but these rumors are coming from new places.

• At the Queen's Brunch at the Royal Room on Saturday, the wonderful Sylvia O'Stayformore told a tale of comic Emmett Montgomery's arrival in Seattle years ago. "He had just gotten off the Greyhound, and he needed money," she says. So she recruited him and his cash-strapped cousin into lube wrestling (each other) at a show she was putting on. It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship between Emmett, Sylvia, and Seattle.

• New on the third floor of Benaroya Hall, the restaurant Measure boasts a menu that's updated weekly with local ingredients. However, it's a franchise of the un-local, un-fresh Wolfgang Puck Worldwide, Inc., which also encompasses "book publishing; television, radio and Internet programming; and... a signature cookware collection, Wolfgang Puck All-Natural Pizza, All-Natural and Organic Wolfgang Puck Soups, Stocks and Broths, Wolfgang Puck All-Natural Cooking and Baking Sprays, and Wolfgang Puck's Coffee." Yay? recommended