Arby's Cheesecake Poppers

Let me tell you about these creamy little dudes: hot vanilla ooze constrained by a noticeably savory deep-fried crust, just begging to take a dunk in some sticky raspberry syrup. For $2.29, Arby's will sell you six Cheesecake Poppers. Using math, I have discovered that for $10 you can have 24 Cheesecake Poppers. Think of it! I asked my friend what he thought about the Cheesecake Poppers, and he said, misty-eyed, "They're like an angel's balls." I don't know what that means (are angels deep-fried? do they have, you know, stuff down there?), but Arby's Cheesecake Poppers are fast-food heaven. (Available at all Arby's everywhere.)