Green star Mamnoon (Capitol Hill)

1501 Melrose Ave
Seattle, WA 98122
(206) 906-9606

Mamnoon joins Terra Plata, Sitka & Spruce, et al. on Melrose between Pike and Pine, serving upscale Lebanese/Syrian food with stuff to go, too. Chef Garrett Melkonian has previously pastry-cheffed for T-Doug and Spring Hill.
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  • 2.75000/5 Stars.
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Max Solomon 4

Beautiful space, delicious mezze.

Of course the portions are small and overpriced. It's Seattle. But we got out for $80 for 2, including drinks & tip. The mezze were best, especially the eggplant. Chicken was a little salty, but the milk pudding dessert, wow. So many subtle flavors - from what I tasted as Mrs. Solomon ate almost the whole thing.

The space deserves special note: it's gorgeous. Exposed concrete & steel with a beautiful laser-cut barn door on the private dining lounge area. Comfortable seating. Best of all, although full, it was not cacophonously loud, unlike multiple new restaurants we've been too (Joule, i'm looking at you). At least Microsoft moneybags hire acoustic designers.
Posted by Max Solomon on February 9, 2013 at 11:30 AM · Report this


Having been to the middle east, the food was strictly average and over priced. The sturgeon on the menu is farm raised for $26 a plate...that is just a no-no.. the guy who owns the place was defensive when we pointed out certain things that were not right.

Throughout the evening we got conflicting information on whats available and whats not on the menu...
Posted by Sycamore on January 5, 2013 at 2:34 PM · Report this

Are you kidding?

The previous reviewer obviously doesn't understand Middle Eastern food. This restaurant is fantastic. I cannot recommend it highly enough! The reviewer is also pretty hard-hearted about the tremendous effort that has gone into gutting and remodeling an old, old building.
Posted by goodeats on January 5, 2013 at 12:11 PM · Report this

Such a disappointment

I realize they are still very new, but this place is crap. Over priced, bland food in very small portions isn't going to last long. Then again, that's what you get when Microsoft moneybags who's never worked in the industry opens a restaurant.
Posted by sboberri on December 19, 2012 at 11:13 PM · Report this

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