Recently, I went to run some errands around my neighborhood, and I became aware of some funny looks pointed in my vicinity, or at least funnier than usual. Why was I getting up-and-downed in such a hostile fashion? I realized people were glaring at my T-shirt, which my dude Greg had found in his closet and given to me. It was a tee from the Beard-Off, the 2009 one-on-one game at the Funhouse (that Macklemore, in disguise, refereed) between Radjaw (of Mad Rad) and Sir Thomas Gray (of Champagne Champagne). To everybody who looked at me crazy that day: Why you mad, bitch? It was, in retrospect, probably the high-water mark of the so-called "third wave" of Seattle hiphop, the exact moment that a lot of other folks got interested in what the hell was going on with all this so-called hipster-hop (jack-off motion, fart noise). It was a fantastic evening, full of great music and laughs—but looking back, it would never be the same after that moment, because it never can stay the same. Everybody doing it might remember that. Everybody had to get busy doing them, and that they hella have.

Champagne Champagne—who are headlining Neumos on Thursday, September 13, with the Knux—have been doing them like a motherfucker, kind of on the humble, too—relentlessly touring the United States and Europe, getting signed to a French record label, spending last summer on the Warped Tour. I for one appreciate how they've put in work and let that solely do the talking, but for the purposes of this column, and the rookies waiting for their cue, I'll do it for them: Ain't no party like a Champagne party. The last few times I've seen them, they've gone off like a fuckin' volcano. Trust that this will be no different.

The next evening, Friday, September 14, at Nectar—bear witness to history, as "Mr. 10K," yes, Neema himself, does an unplugged headlining set that's being billed as "Let Neema Tell It." So I should probably do just that. "Well, let me tell you, Larry," he begins, "I haven't been this excited for an event since we went on tour together!" (That's a damn lie.) "I'll be rocking a full acoustic set,with some very, very special guests such as Eighty4 Fly, Wingo of Jagged Edge, singer Heather Gin, and Keyboard Kid (who produced my entire album). They will all swing by during my performance. [Ex-KUBE morning DJ] Eddie Francis is hosting, and I've got some great opening acts. This show is so exciting to me because I'm going to run through a lot of sexy songs in my catalog that are dear to my heart. There's gonna be lots of laughter, dancing, and good times. I look forward to giving my heart and soul to my fans for continuing to support me throughout the years and buying my records. I'm thankful, and I look forward to a packed house with lots of shenanigans." Thank you, Neema. recommended