Last stretch of 2012. Oh man, oh man. As a wise man once said, Don't Panic. Too much shit to do, write, feel. Too many albums to listen to (possibly not yours). Right at this moment: the new Big Boi Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors album. On first pass, I can tell you that it's got more features than a prime-time No Limit album and enough barista bait (Little Dragon, Phantogram, Wavves) to get an IFC logo on the back. It's every bit as pimped-out as you expect from Bwah, but he's definitely indulging all facets of his own taste, and most of the time, it works beautifully.

Last week, I met Riff Raff in the flesh at an art show in Miami—he explained to me that a "Versace baby rattle" is a bottle of crystallized molly rocks. Also, despite my best efforts to the otherwise, I saw Trinidad James perform live. His antics, image, and new $2 million check from Def Jam all serve to remind me that the majors are busier than ever trying to staunch their massive blood loss with wads of bills and fistfuls of disposable "talent." Sales are down and they sweatin'—WHOO!

But I also saw Georgia Anne Muldrow and THEESatisfaction perform that same week, so I have not yet forgotten that soul and integrity still exist. If you haven't yet, I recommend hitting THEESat's Bandcamp so that you can score a download of THEESatisfaction Loves Anita Baker, containing some Anita-sampling tracks, at least one of which was cut from the release of awE naturalE, their champion 2012 Sub Pop album.

Speaking of Stas and Cat, find them with the mighty Shabazz Palaces at the Neptune on Friday, December 28, repping that Black Constellation. Sadly, the Digable Planets concert that was going to happen the next night at the Neptune is now canceled—damn it all—but Shabazz and THEESat, your hosts for the evening, are doing us a major and instead bringing out no less a personage than The Hybrid himself, Detroit's crazy-ass, rappin'-ass Danny Brown. (All DP tickets will be honored.) If you missed him at Neumos or at Showbox Sodo on the Das Racist (RIP, wamp wamp) and A$AP Rocky tours, that's fantastic news.

If you're looking for some New Year's rappery, may I suggest another show at the Neptune on the 31st (cut the check, STG): Fresh Espresso, Grynch, the Based homeboy Keyboard Kid, and Metal Chocolates.

I hope this is the last year any of us here have to hear any local buttface rappers talk about "putting Seattle on the map." Some of the people I mentioned here are frequently all over the world. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis just played Jimmy Fallon last week, backed by the Roots. Jake One is nominated for two Grammys. Shouts to the buttfaces who hate people being happy about their scene, too—you would've loved it here 10 years ago, when cats were hella pissy about all the new faces and pretty much nobody cared. Wow, that was so awesome. Anyway, now 2013 beckons, and I don't know what to tell you, except what I learned back then—you're on your own, kid. recommended